Firing Range | Waukesha County Technical College

Firing Range

The WCTC Firing Range provides state-of-the-art firearms training in a safe, controlled environment for WCTC Police Academy students, law enforcement and the general public. This indoor range features multiple 25-yard lanes with individualized, programmable settings and is staffed by WCTC Range Safety Officers who are experts in firearms safety and training.

Although law enforcement training is our top priority, we do offer membership opportunities and various firearm courses for civilians. The Firing Range is also available for rent for corporate events.

Session Dates Price Seats Available
Concealed Carry for Civilians Dec. 14, 2019 $60.00, 62 and older $47.00 0
Basic Handgun Skills Training, Level 2 Dec. 16, 2019 $60.00, 62 and older $50.25 0

All users must apply for membership by completing a membership application and paying a nonrefundable application fee, which includes a one-year membership. 

Adult Membership Options

  • $20 Annual Adult Membership: Includes membership to the WCTC Firing Range. Members will pay additional fee for lane rental time upon visiting. All range visits are either 30 or 60 minutes, with no partial increments.
  • $300 Annual Adult Membership: Includes unlimited 45-minute blocks of time on days open to the public. Only the member who purchased this membership can shoot during that 45-minute block.
  • $10 Guest Pass: This is a one-time use pass. This is not a membership. The user will pay additional fee for lane rental upon visiting.

Teenager Membership (14-17 years old)

  • Teenage annual membership fee is $5.
  • Teenage members must shoot under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian who is also a member.
  • Prior to shooting any weapon, the teenage member must attend a weapon safety training course held by WCTC Range Safety Officer staff. These sessions are held on the first Saturday of each month starting at 9 a.m. No class registration is necessary.
  • All Range rules are applicable to teenage members as if they are adult members.
  • Teen users may shoot any weapon that an adult is authorized to shoot at this Range.

Apply for or renew your firing range membership online. All members must sign a waiver and receive a copy of the latest Range rules. Both must be updated annually based on membership dates.

Background Check Criteria

The WCTC Firing Range strives to maintain the safest live fire shooting range possible. The Range will conduct a Circuit Court Access Porgram check and, if necessary, a Wisconsin Department of Justice background check on every applicant and annually on every member. The background check is to ensure they are in compliance with state and federal laws governing firearm ownership and possession and are of good character.

An applicant or member falling into one or more of the below stated categories will be denied membership:

  • Any felony conviction
  • Any negligent use of a firearm conviction
  • Any reckless use of a firearm conviction
  • Any domestic violence conviction, state or municipal
  • Any domestic violence charge that was amended to a lesser charge and adjudicated as a conviction
  • Any false, incomplete or misleading information on the application
  • Any active restraining order
  • Any active injunction
  • Any conviction of a crime involving the use of a firearm or dangerous weapon
  • Any condition in which a judge or magistrate prohibits contact with a firearm
  • Any history showing excessive violent criminal behavior resulting in arrests for those crimes
Application fee $20
Annual fee $20
60-minute session $18
30-minute session $10

Protective Equipment

  • Eye protection is required for all guests. WCTC staff are required to use eye protection with an ANSI Z87 rating or higher.
  • Muff-style hearing protectors are required for all guests. WCTC staff are required to use muffs with a noise reduction rating of 30 decibels or higher. Ear plugs are highly recommended in addition to muffs for optimal protection

Authorized Weapons

    • Members may fire handguns of the following calibers only: 22, 25, 32, 380, 9mm, 38, 357, 40, 45 and 44.
    • Members may not fire fully automatic weapons.
    • Members may fire long guns that fire a handgun caliber described above, a .223/5.56, .30 caliber or less equivalent, and .12 ga shotgun or less (slug ammunition only).


WCTC maintains the right to determine which ammunition may be used on its range and deny the use of any ammunition it deems unsafe for any reason. Ammunition is available for purchase at the Firing Range.

Authorized Ammunition:

  • New factory ball ammunition
  • New factory copper-jacketed hollow point ammunition
  • New factory sub-sonic ammunition
  • Reloaded ammunition to factory specifications

Unauthorized Ammunition:

  • Tracer ammunition
  • Armor-piercing ammunition
  • Incendiary ammunition
  • Explosive ammunition
  • Chemical ammunition
  • Black powder ammunition
  • Less than lethal ammunition
  • Steel-cased ammunition
  • Birdshot ammunition
  • Aluminum-cased ammunition
  • Frangible ammunition

The WCTC Firing Range offers professional weapon cleaning services to the public. No gunsmithing will be done on any customer weapon; this is a basic cleaning service using an ultrasonic weapon cleaning system and/or hand cleaning with appropriate supplies.

Cost: $25 per handgun, $35 per long gun.

Weapons can be dropped off at the Range:

  • Thursdays and Fridays, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.