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Student Clubs

Joining a student organization can help you get the most out of your college experience. You'll make professional contacts, meet new friends, learn more about your profession and hone your leadership, team-building, decision-making, communication and problem-solving skills.

Each organization has a staff or faculty advisor and student membership of 10 or more students. The Student Government Association provides financial support to each club through student activity fees.

This club furthers the development and awareness of students in the Architectural Drafting/Construction Technology field.

Advisors: Patrick Seitz, Stefano Liotta

This club promotes diversity, encourages leadership, builds professional connections, develops meaningful relationships and provides activities that strengthen the bonds between Asian students and the College community at large.

Advisors: Der Taormino, Gloria Saunders

Get involved and apply skills from the classroom to the real world. Club members participate in service-learning projects, emerging technology exploration, aspects of global business technology and professional development opportunities. This innovative club is part of the Business Information Technology department and welcomes any WCTC student interested in gaining additional knowledge and valuable real-world experience. The club meets twice a month in the L Building and meeting times are announced via Canvas and MyWCTC.

Advisors: Jeffrey Grissom, Matthew Green

This club embraces, engages and enhances the educational experience for WCTC’s students of color. We seek to promote diversity, encourage leadership, network and build professional connections, develop relationships, and provide activities that strengthen the bonds between African American students on campus. Through enriching experiences such as open dialogue, programming, leadership and mentoring programs, and community service, we hope to spark action and ignite change on our campus and in our communities at large. BSU is open to all students. Email for meeting info.

Advisors: Sherry Simmons, Elle Bonds

This club enables students to understand what they believe and how to share those beliefs with others; provide opportunities for students to serve their community, while strengthening their relationship with Christ; and create a place on campus where students can spend time and develop relationships with other Christians. Meetings are very informal, and everyone is welcome to join.

Advisor: Stephanie McWilliams

This club enhances a student’s education by providing experiential opportunities within the Barber/Cosmetology industry. Each member is committed to moving the organization forward so students continue to have the opportunity to attend industry-related educational events.

Advisors (day): Kathleen Schauer, Kevin Amborn

Advisors (evening): Carey Miller, Vicki McGiverin

DECA focuses on preparing students for careers in retail, sales, marketing and business ownership. DECA helps students explore fields as diverse as e-business/e-commerce, advertising, wholesaling, fashion/apparel, design, food/food service, advertising/ promotions, sports and entertainment, hospitality/ travel/ tourism, culinary arts, international marketing, business-to-business marketing and other management and marketing-oriented careers. Through DECA, you’ll grow as a leader, strengthen your job skills, build your resume, contribute to your local community and make new friends.

Advisors: Ed Wierzbicki, Ann Mack

This club advances the careers of dental assistants and promotes the dental-assisting profession through activities that enhance the delivery of quality dental health care to the public.

Advisor: Diane Turner

SADHA helps students realize the importance of the dental hygienist’s role in community service efforts and continuing education.

Advisors: Lisa Bahr, Patricia Marti

This club is designed to allow students to further explore the field of early childhood education through engaging, hands-on activities and events driven by the Early Childhood Education Club Student Leadership Board. This club fundraises each year to offset costs for professional development opportunities, field trips, guest speakers and more! Community service projects that enhance the lives of children and families in the local community and globally continue to be a highlight each year. The overall goal is to strive for teamwork within the club and advocacy for the profession.

Advisors: Jennifer Koel, Tiffanie Kloida

The Foundations of Teacher Education Club is designed to enrich the lives and careers of educators. This club provides students with professional development opportunities and is involved in many campus, community and global service projects.

Advisor: Carrie Perock

Graphics Club is designed for students who are dedicated to pursuing careers in the graphic arts and printing fields and provides members with publishing opportunities through periodic publications of a student journal.

Advisors: Brian Eickmeyer, David Espurvoa

This club promotes the health information management professions through service to the community and social interactions; opportunities for leadership development; and the mentoring of fellow colleagues within the Health Information Technology and Medical Coding Specialist programs.

Advisor: Cheryl Evans

This club promotes professionalism among club members, develops and uses club resources and talents to increase members’ knowledge of the hospitality/culinary industry, and improves human relations through club and industry interaction.

Advisor: Jack Birren

WCTC’s chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management provides networking opportunities and resources in the field.

 Advisor: Michael Previte

This club explores, gathers and shares ideas through the achievements and goals set by the club. It also raises funds to offset costs for field trips, guest speaker honorariums and community service projects.

Advisor: Brooks Eberlein

This club promotes awareness of police duties and responsibilities, education and training in law enforcement and procedures, and a cooperative learning environment with law enforcement agencies.

Advisor: Carianne Yerkes

This club promotes diversity, encourages leadership, builds professional connections, develops meaningful relationships and provides activities that strengthen the bonds between LatinX students and the College community at large.

Advisor: Rolando De Leon

This club develops leadership skills, fosters teamwork and citizenship, provides a liaison between MA students and other campus organizations, promotes occupational education, and develops community service and recreational, social and cultural activities.

Advisor: Sandra Borucki

The NTHS recognizes students who have earned a 3.0 GPA or above in a one- or two-year degree or diploma program. This honor society promotes leadership, honesty, career development and skilled workmanship. Students are rewarded for their achievements and encouraged to set educational and career goals.

Advisor: Rahsaan Dunn

This club offers Nursing students support, information, service and leadership opportunities, camaraderie and friendship.

Advisors: Amber Grant, Melissa Reoch

This is WCTC’s chapter of the international honor society for two-year colleges. Students are invited to join and attend the PTK ceremony held during the fall semesters.

Advisor: Rahsaan Dunn

This dynamic group promotes hands-on, real-life learning experiences related to the real estate field through guest speakers, dinner presentations and real estate-related site visits. Students who are interested in real estate as a hobby or a career can network with classmates who have a mutual interest and meet with professionals in the field.

Advisor: Laurie Carnahan

WCTC’s S.A.F.E. Club provides a safe and friendly environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and others questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender. Members host guest speakers, plan special events and lead service projects.

Advisors: Rolando De Leon, Cory Wanek

The Scrub Club strives to develop and increase social interaction skills of members by working together. It provides opportunities for field studies and educational experiences and encourages community involvement through contacts and donations to charitable organizations.

Advisors: Sharon Corrao, Carrie Galecke

This social group for veterans supports the awareness and success of veterans as they adjust to civilian and college life. Members support each other academically, physically, socially and psychologically; help each other navigate the benefit process; and educate the campus and community about veteran affairs.

Advisor: Sue Schroeder

This club is for students who are dedicated to pursuing careers in the web design and web development fields. Learn new techniques and best practices in web design and network with other students who are interested in the profession.

Advisors: Andrew Risser, Tyler Kowalchuk