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College Safety and Security

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Committed to Your Safety

WCTC is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, staff and visitors. The College upholds and enforces all applicable federal, state and local safety laws, rules and regulations, as well as the College's safety policies, rules and regulations. Always call 911 in the event of an emergency!

Policies and Guidelines

Campus Police: 262.691.5582
Pewaukee Police Department: 262.446.5070

Campus Security Desk
262.691.5052 | 262.229.7008
College Center, Room C-042

Always call 911 in the event of an emergency!

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Accident/Incident Reporting

All College-related incidents (i.e. behavioral, academic, injuries, illnesses, motor vehicle accidents, property damage, theft, etc.) must be reported to WCTC in a timely manner. To submit incident reports, go to the myWCTC student portal, click on the "Concerns" Icon and select the relevant report form (outlined below).

When completing an incident report, provide detailed information and complete all sections pertaining to the incident. Below are forms that should be used to for College-related incidents:

Early Alert Report

For any type of academic areas of concern - including academic, emotional, physical well-being or other well-being - that may impact a student’s success in the classroom. Upon submission, these reports are forwarded to Mental Health Counseling Services and routed to the appropriate staff for follow-up.

Academic Integrity and Concerning Behavior

For behavioral incidents including - academic integrity, concerning/threatening behavior or general complaint. Upon submission, these reports are forwarded to the Office of Student Life and addressed accordingly.

Student Support Referral

To report behaviors of concern (non-policy violations) to Counseling and Student Life.

Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation/Sexual Misconduct

For incidents relating to equal opportunity, discrimination, harassment or retaliation. Upon completion, one of the deputy Title IX coordinators will contact the student to begin an investigation and address it accordingly.

Injury/Illness Report

For injuries or illnesses. Upon submission, these reports are forwarded to the Environmental, Health and Safety Office.*

Students are responsible for their own medical expenses incurred for injuries or illnesses. However, students enrolled in classes or in a practicum are covered by the Mandatory Student Accident Only Insurance during the respective spring, summer and/or fall semester (there is no coverage between semesters).

Property, Vehicle Accident, Security, or Informational

For incidents including - property damage, motor vehicle accidents, theft or loss of property. Upon submission, these reports are forwarded to the Environmental, Health and Safety Office.*

Sharps Exposure Incident Report

For exposure incidents involving sharps (i.e. needles, scalpels, razors, or any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin), this report must be completed along with the Injury/Illness Report.*

Spill Form

For all chemical spills and similar related spills.*

General Complaints

This form is used to document any observations, concerns, or Incidents that occur on campus. Upon submission, It Is forwarded to the Office of Student Life and addressed accordingly.

* Injury/Illness, Property, Vehicle Accident, Security or Informational, Sharps Exposure Incident and Spill reports must be submitted within 24 hours of the incident (sooner is appreciated in order to initiate investigations as soon as possible). 

Criminal Activity/Concerning Behavior

Everyone plays a role in making WCTC a safe environment. The College asks students to be alert to criminal activity and concerning behaviors on campus. If you observe either of these activities on campus, please report the incident to Campus Police at 262.691.5582 or 911. ALWAYS CALL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES.

Hazard Communication/Reporting

Hazard Communication

The Hazard Communication Standard was designated to alert individuals about hazardous chemicals by providing them access to information on the physical and health hazards of chemicals, safe handling precautions and emergency and first aid procedures. The standard is also known as the “Right to Know Law.”

This requires chemical manufacturers and importers to determine the health and physical hazards of chemicals and report these hazards on a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and container label. A SDS must be available for all hazardous chemicals present on the campus. Students will have access to information regarding the chemicals through WCTC’s SDS online management program, MSDSOnline, which is available on the myWCTC student portal.

Contact the Environmental, Health and Safety Office for questions regarding chemicals used in class or those in which there may have been exposure.

Reporting Hazards

WCTC conducts routine environmental and safety inspections. However, not all hazards may be identified during inspections. If you encounter what you believe to be a hazard, please report it to either Facilities Services at 262.691.5555 or ext. 5555, or the Environmental, Health and Safety specialist at 262.695.3412 or ext. 3412, or the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 262.691.5226 or ext. 5226.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required and must be worn in any classroom, laboratory or shop where hazardous work is being performed. PPE can provide protection to the student’s eyes and face, head, hands, feet, ears/hearing and respiratory system. Students are responsible for the purchase of their own required PPE.

Instructors will have responsibility for enforcing the usage of PPE. Written documentation of each offense will be provided to the student at the time of the offense. Students not in compliance with PPE requirements will be subject to the following discipline:

  • First offense: A warning and be told not to return to the area until wearing proper PPE.
  • Second offense: Suspension from class for a minimum of one class session. The student must meet with a counselor or associate dean before being re-admitted to the class; upon being re-admitted, proper PPE must be worn.

Further violations may require a meeting with the dean and may result in Student Code of Conduct violations.

Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection

Any student who has a restraining order or other order of protection against another person is encouraged to provide a copy of any temporary, protective or restraining order which is granted, as well as a copy of any protective or restraining order which is made permanent to the Campus Security Coordinator, Student Life Manager, or designee of either. Both departments will work with the student(s) involved with any of the previously mentioned orders to create a safety plan.

Find the most comprehensive, updated copy of the Restraining Order Policy in the myWCTC student portal or call the Student Life Office at 262.691.5302 or Campus Security 262.691.5225.