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English as a Second Language

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WCTC has many options for you to learn the English language. These classes can help you prepare for college classes taught in English and help you communicate at home, at work and in the community.

  • College and Career Readiness: Take ESL classes to prepare for college and/or your future career.
  • College Level: Take noncredit ESL courses to learn study skills and succeed in your academic program.

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ESL Levels 1 – 6 (Beginning to Advanced)

  • No cost
  • Day and evening classes
  • Listening/speaking, reading, writing/grammar
  • Individual help and computer-assisted instruction
  • Emphasis on functioning successfully in the community, workplace and higher education

Testing and Registration

  • Testing and registration for new students is required.
  • Call 262.695.6521 to place your name on the registration and testing list.
  • Plan on spending three hours to complete the process.
  • If classes are filled, we will add your name to a waiting list.

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WCTC offers noncredit college-level ESL courses at the Pewaukee Campus Student Enrichment Center for a small fee. These classes provide academic language skills and study skills to help you prepare for college classes and succeed in your studies.

These classes are geared for non-native speakers of English at the advanced level who are preparing for classes at WCTC or are already enrolled in credit courses or programs. A language assessment is required.

College ESL Classes

All fall 2020 classes are being held online via Zoom. Click a course title below to see the upcoming schedule.

College ESL Writing/Grammar Review (861-783)

  • Review basic grammar; parts of speech; phrases; clauses; connecting ideas, sentence problems, word choice; subject-verb agreement; punctuation
  • Write two descriptive paragraphs and two essays
  • Learn about academic sources
  • Cite and document sources using APA format

College ESL Reading/Study Skills (861-782)

  • Read for information – predict, skim, scan, identify organizational patterns, find main ideas and details, make inferences, summarize, paraphrase
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Improve study skills

College ESL Speaking/Listening (861-784B)

  • Interview and present information about campus resources
  • Develop discussion techniques
  • Improve speaking ability
  • Improve listening comprehension
  • Practice taking lecture notes

ESL Academic Pre-College Writing (861-772)

This is a prerequisite of College ESL Writing/Grammar Review.

  • Review basic grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, spelling
  • Write well-organized, logical paragraphs
  • Learn to write for different purposes/types of information
  • Develop a process for planning, organizing, drafting and editing a written assignment
  • Know how to correctly format the page for computer-written assignments

ESL Pronunciation (861-110)

This is a two-credit course.

  • Improve consonant and vowel sounds (i.e. wash v. watch or man v. men)
  • Improve pronunciation of words with common word endings
  • Learn common stress patterns (i.e. 50 v. 15)
  • Improve one’s rhythm of English
  • Learn how to group words together (i.e. Let’s eat, Grandma. v. Let’s eat Grandma.)
  • Improve intonation (i.e. You lost your wallet. – statement or question)

ESL Center (861-785)

This is not a structured class. Work independently on personal learning goals and get extra practice to improve your language skills in:

  • Reading and vocabulary
  • Grammar and writing
  • Listening
  • Conversational skills

You can visit the ESL Center to get help on assignments for your college-credit courses (i.e. English Composition).

How to Register

Follow these steps to register. After registering, call 262.691.5311 to schedule an appointment.

Prepare for your career while earning college credits and learning English language skills. Scholarship funding is available! Tracks include:

  • Business
  • CNC Machining
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Information Technology

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