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Our mission is to train students who are ready to excel in the workforce on day one, and by all accounts, they do. Leaders from a variety of industries tell us again and again how impressed they are with WCTC's programs and graduates.

Learn more about how you can tap into our pipeline of talent.

Hire a WCTC Intern

Internships give students valuable, in-the-field experience while giving employers access to fresh, motivated talent. More than 200 employers have hired WCTC interns, and for good reason. Employers benefit by:

  • Being able to screen potential new hires while lightening the workload of existing staff 
  • Contributing to developing a skilled workforce 
  • Making connections and developing partnerships with WCTC


WCTC’s InternConnect system streamlines our internship process and allows you to recruit current WCTC program students who are approved to participate in our internship program. This system allows you to:

  • Visit one centralized online location to post and manage an unlimited number of positions
  • Set parameters for your position openings
  • Have students’ resumes e-mailed directly to you when they apply for your position
  • Electronically confirm that students have been hired
  • Complete all internship evaluations online

Visit InternConnect

We’re happy to send you an Employer User Guide to help you set up your account, post positions and recruit qualified WCTC students. Please note: InternConnect does not replace Handshake. InternConnect is solely used by WCTC students looking for internships.

Post a Job on Handshake

Handshake is a partner of the Wisconsin TechConnect™ Consortium. This free online resource connects you to talented students and alumni statewide. You can:

  • Register and post your part-time and full-time positions
  • Establish a partnership by reaching students and alumni for employment opportunities at your organization
  • Email job alerts to students, alumni and faculty in targeted areas of interest
  • Find and participate in virtual recruiting, job fairs and other events

Visit Handshake

Posting in Handshake ensures that job openings are fairly advertised for all qualified students and alumni in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

Recruit on Campus

We would love to host your business on campus for employee recruitment.

  • On-campus recruitments are scheduled with a minimum lead time of two weeks.
  • All positions being actively recruited for need to have a current posting on Handshake.
  • We will advertise your recruitment via on-campus job boards, electronic bulletin boards, emails to faculty and staff, as well as on our student portal.
  • The selling of items and products through our virtual platform is prohibited.