Graduation | Waukesha County Technical College


Congratulations! Graduation is an educational milestone celebrating hard work and dedication.

The commencement ceremony, for degree, diploma and apprenticeship candidates, is held in Building S on WCTC's Pewaukee Campus. We send detailed information to students by early April (spring graduation) and early November (winter graduation). Check the calendar for specific dates. Please note, certificate-only students do not attend the commencement ceremony.

Associate Degree, Technical Diploma or Apprenticeship Completion

  • Students who apply by April 1 (spring) and November 1 (fall) will be included in the commencement booklet. Apply Now!
  • Students who wish to participate in the commencement ceremony must apply for graduation by December 2 (fall) and May 1 (spring).
  • Summer graduation applicants are eligible to walk in the spring or winter commencement ceremony. Check your WCTC email for more details.
  • Pay commencement ceremony fees:
    • The $42 ceremony fee includes a diploma, cap and gown.
    • Fees are payable three to four weeks prior to commencement.
  • Graduation applicants should watch their WCTC email in early April (spring graduates) and early November (winter graduates) for commencement details and fee instructions.

Certificate Completion

  • Apply for certificate completion.
  • You will be prompted to declare your certificate if you have not previously done so.
  • Allow three business days for processing. You will receive an email to confirm that you may now apply for certificate completion.

For students who are not participating in the commencement ceremony or for certificate-only students:

  • Diploma cost is $20.
  • Certificate cost is $12.
  • After fees become payable, contact Registration at 262.691.5578 (choose option 1) to place your order.
  • Mailing times may vary.

Graduation with Honors

To qualify for honors recognition at the graduation ceremony, you must meet the following requirements:

Honors: Program GPA of 3.5 to 3.84
Distinction: Program GPA of 3.85 to 4.00

  • Graduation honors will be evaluated based on completed program coursework at the time of the commencement booklet deadline. This honor will be indicated in the commencement booklet and by the gold tassel worn at the ceremony.
  • Students applying after the commencement booklet deadline will be evaluated based on completed program coursework at the time the graduation application is received. These graduates will not have their names in the booklet, but will wear a gold tassel at the ceremony.
  • Certificates are not eligible for honors.