Academic Resources

Whatever your academic journey looks like, WCTC is here to help you succeed. Check out the following resources that will help you reach your goals.

Academic Advising >

As you work your way toward your degree, your academic advisor can keep you updated on your progress, help you develop an academic plan, and provide encouragement, guidance and referrals as needed.

Academic Support >

Explore the wide variety of services available to help you succeed in your program, including general skill-building courses, peer tutoring, test preparation and more.

Testing Services >

WCTC’s Testing Center offers a secure and confidential testing environment for both students and community members.

Students with Disabilities >

Recognizing the vocational, career and learning needs of each student, WCTC’s Student Accessibility office is committed to providing a range of services to students with disabilities.

Online Learning >

WCTC is proud to offer a wide variety of courses online. Find out more about the skills and tools you’ll need to succeed as an online learner.

Multicultural Resource Center >

WCTC's Multicultural Resource Center seeks to prepare all students to work actively toward equity by providing knowledge, dispositions and skills for acceptance and inclusion among diverse groups.