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Request Transcripts

Request WCTC Transcripts

A transcript is an official record of a student's academic history. Your transcript includes all courses, grades and degrees awarded. You may request:

  • Credit Transcript – All credit classes
  • Credit and Noncredit Transcript – All credit and noncredit classes, including court-ordered and traffic classes
  • GED or HSED Transcript - Provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Contact Information

WCTC Registration Office

College Center, Room C-019

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

  • 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


  • 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Order Transcripts Online

WCTC has partnered with Parchment to provide you with fast and secure online transcript ordering service.

  • A photo ID is required for transcript pickup.
  • Transcripts may be picked up by another individual if the student has designated them during the ordering process. This individual will also need a photo ID at time of pick up.

Ordering Methods

  • Online: Order through Parchment (recommended, fastest option)
  • In-person: Visit the Enrollment Center located in College Center, Room C-019

To check the status of an existing Parchment transcript order, click Transcript Order Status. If you are having issues with your order, please contact Parchment Customer Service.

Processing Costs

  • Online requests (deliver to recipient or next-day pickup in the Enrollment Center): $10
    • Additional fees may apply for expedited and/or international orders.
  • In-person/on-demand requests at the Enrollment Center: $15

Transcript Resend Policy

WCTC will resend a transcript to the same address at no charge after 10 days and up to 30 days from the date of the initial order. Before 10 days and after 30 days of initial order, resend requests will require additional payment.

Although you may have completed your GED/HSED coursework at WCTC, you must request your official transcript through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides GED/HSED transcripts and verifications.