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Evidence-Based Interview & Interrogation - The CTK Group


April 17-19, 2023


8:00am - 4:30pm






This 3-Day, cutting edge course has been offered in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, North Dakota, Virginia, Texas, and Oregon - and has received overwhelmingly strong reviews from new and experienced officers alike. WCTC is the first to offer this opportunity in Wisconsin to train with The CTK Group’s active, certified, and very experienced instructors. Over the Group’s 10-year teaching history, officers from all over the country have agreed the training is the most practical and memorable they have ever received - and that their exposure & understanding of critical legal concepts and the best available research was taken to a new level. Most importantly, these methods flat-out work on the street and in real life interview situations. Read more about The CTK Group at www.thectkgroup.com

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