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Specialized Training

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June 4-7, 2020


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WCTC, Morris Street Training Center




This is a comprehensive course in the applied science of tactical medicine and rescue techniques. The knowledge obtained regarding high-threat rescue techniques and tactical operation medical treatment modalities utilizing TECC will empower the tactical rescuer to become adaptable and successful in a high-threat environment.

Strongly Recommended equipment:

  • BDU/EMS type uniform pants with pockets (in good repair). Shorts are not allowed for safety reasons. Long sleeve shirts are strongly recommended
  • Sturdy boots
  • Belt
  • Water and sports drinks
  • Tactical type gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Rugged flashlight
  • Kevlar tactical helmet (or snowboarding/climbing/riot type helmet is ok) Note: A limited quantity of used police riot helmets with face shields available for use

We understand that many EMS providers do not have access to tactical equipment. We suggest you approach your local law enforcement agency for potential loaner equipment. No tactical equipment is needed on day 1 except a belt, trainer "red/blue" training gun and holster (if you have them available). Minimal tactical equipment belonging to the instructors or WCTC is available for use.

To attend this training we require employment or sponsorship affiliation by a law enforcement, Fire/EMS, Hospital, Military or Emergency Government Agency.

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