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Lock Picking for Law Enforcement


September 10, 2020


8:00am - 4:30pm






 “Silent Entry for a Safe Exit”

Attendees will be instructed in the basics of picking and opening standard pin tumbler and disk wafer locks. Pin tumbler locks are the most common lock found on practically every residential, apartment, and business door. Disk wafer locks are found on alarm box panels, file cabinets, desk locks, cabinet doors, and small safes. All attendees, in normal physical condition, will be competent to pick locks upon conclusion of the training session.

Lock Pick Set and Practice Lock Included

Solutions for:

Perimeter security gates

Home lock-outs

Padlocked doors/tool boxes

Locked desk drawers

Key operated safes

Felony warrant entries

Destructive door entries

Expensive door repair bills

Noise generating breach entry

Out-swinging doors on raids

Technical device insertion

Locked file cabinets

Expensive off-site training

Hostage rescue entry

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