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Specialized Training

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Session Title

Basic SWAT


August 24-28, 2020


8:00am - 4:30pm


Waukesha Police Dept. Range




This course is designed for newly assigned tactical officers or patrol officers and provides an introduction to basic tactical principles. Topics covered will include:

  • Critical Incident Response Techniques
  • Shield Use
  • Long Gun Use
  • Basic Room Clearing
  • Introduction to Room, Vehicle & Bus Assaults
  • Conduct of High Risk Search Warrants

Equipment students need to bring:

  • Individual Tactical Gear (load bearing vest, helmet, tactical body armor, handgun with light, knee/elbow pads, eye protection, gas mask)
  • Shields, if available
  • Long Gun (M4, M16, MP5, or equivalent)
  • Team Entry Tools (rams, hooligan tools)
  • 500 Rounds Handgun Ammunition
  • 500 Rounds Long Gun Ammunition
  • Gloves

Lead Instructors:

Dep Chief Dennis Angle, Waukesha Police Department

Sgt. Brad Anderson, Waukesha Police


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