Business Training Courses

Want to brush up on your skills or learning something new? Business professionals can pursue professional development and continuing education opportunities at WCTC.

Explore these exciting offerings for spring 2022:

101-105: Accounting Fundamentals

Hybrid | January 21-March 11, 2022 | Learn more >

Use a survey approach to learn the accounting process and to gain a general knowledge of the accounting principles and financial accounting procedures applied to business budgeting. This course is for non-accountants.

196-125: Management of Customer Service

Hybrid | Spring Term 1 and 2 Options | Learn more >

Develop the skills, attitudes, and thinking patterns needed to manage customer satisfaction and loyalty.

138-186: CGBP Review

Fully Online | April 18-May 13, 2022 | Learn more >

Prepare for the national NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) certification exam.

138-194: Import Compliance

Hybrid | March 24-May 12, 2022 | Learn more >

Examine U.S. import regulations (CFR 19) and how to comply with them.

138-195: Export Compliance

Hybrid | January 18-March 8, 2022 | Learn more >

Examine U.S. export regulations under various government agencies, as well as how to comply with these regulations.

196-164: Recruitment and Staffing

Hybrid | March 23-May 11, 2022 | Learn more >

Examine elements of the talent acquisition process, including strategic planning, recruitment, interviewing and selection of qualified candidates from an active learning and legal compliance perspective.

145-100: Intro to Entrepreneurship

Fully Online | January 17-March 7, 2022 | Learn more >

Designed for students and other entrepreneurs interested in exploring the world of entrepreneurship, learn the step-by-step process for starting a small business venture.

Academic Programs

Level up your leadership skills! Complete these short-term programs in just one year or less:

104-102: Marketing Principles

Hybrid | Spring Term 1 and 2 Options | Learn more >

Explore marketing principles as found in the American business system, with an emphasis on consumer behavior, consumer and industrial products, distribution, market research, market segmentation, promotion, pricing, and international marketing.

Please note: These four-week classes are offered monthly and require access to a Windows PC or Apple computer (no iPads or tablets).

106-162: Introduction to Microsoft Word

Fully Online or In Person | Monthly | Learn more >

Gain fundamental skills to create, edit and format Microsoft Word documents for business settings.

106-163: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Fully Online or In Person | Monthly | Learn more >

Explore the fundamental concepts of spreadsheets while becoming a proficient user of Microsoft Excel.

623-170: Intro to Continuous Improvement

Fully Online or Hybrid | January-March 2022 | Learn more >

Gain an application-based introduction to leadership in facilitating and championing a quality environment within an organization.

194-110: Intro to Property Assessment 

Fully Online | January 17-March 11, 2022 | Learn more >

Learn basic knowledge and skills to perform as an Ad Valorem Appraiser.

194-128: Wisconsin Assessment Law

Fully Online | March 21-May 13, 2022 | Learn more >

Learn basic knowledge of the laws that affect the assessment profession in the State of Wisconsin.

194-180: Real Estate Fundamentals 

Fully Online | January 17-March 11, 2022 | Learn more >

Develop a decision-oriented approach to the basic concepts of real estate. Those going into real estate as a career as well as the owners and sellers of business, industrial, and residential property will benefit from this course.

194-182: Real Estate Law

Fully Online | March 21-May 13, 2022 | Learn more >

Discuss the basic legal aspects of real estate with an emphasis on the nature of real estate and its ownership.

If you’re interested in taking a class and are not seeking a degree or financial aid, no application is necessary. When you’re ready, follow our simple registration steps for course-takers.

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