Learning in Retirement of Waukesha County

If you’re an adult with passion for lifelong learning, you’ve come to the right place!

WCTC is proud to host Learning in Retirement of Waukesha County (LIRWC). LIRWC is an affiliate of the Road Scholar Lifelong Learning Institute, an international organization that provides programs for ongoing learning. LIRWC members can take advantage of events, special interest groups and courses in music, art, literature, computers, history, financial planning and more.

Learning in Retirement Opportunities

LIRWC courses are held during the day at WCTC’s Pewaukee and Waukesha campuses and other facilities in the area. Offerings include:

  • Short-term courses, one to six weeks in length, on topics including art, music, religion, computers, history, aging, financial planning and more. Most courses cost just $20 or less, and there are no pre-requisites, no exams and no grades!
  • Day-long and overnight chartered bus trips to museums, art exhibits, theater performances and other special events throughout the year.
  • Distinguished speakers on a variety of topics.
  • Groups for special interests including books, genealogy, philosophy, hiking, singing, golf, Bridge, Mah-jongg, Sheepshead, theater, creative crafters, recipe trading, and beading and jewelry making.
  • Access to the WCTC library, computer labs, Style & Class Salon and Spa, Dental Hygiene Clinic, Classic Room and Classic Bistro.

Membership is open to any adult who is retired, semi-retired or working with a flexible schedule. An annual fee of $65 entitles members to low-cost courses, special events and special interest groups.

Become a Member

To become a member, fill out the Learning in Retirement Registration of Waukesha County Membership Form. Mail this form and your check to:

Waukesha County Technical College
LIRWC, Room 101G
327 E. Broadway St.
Waukesha, WI 53186


In spite of the Coronavirus craziness, LIRWC members have continued to march on in support of the organization. Your 2020-2021 Board has made every effort to offer programs adapted to the current environment. The new 2021 Spring Course Catalogs were e-mailed December 15, 2020, to all current and prospective members. Hard copies were mailed to those individuals without email. If you have not received your copy, please contact the office at 262-695-3473 or email: lir@wctc.edu, or visit Resources on this webpage. (Note: We have formatted the catalog for easy viewing and printout for those preferring a hard copy.)

 There is another large variety of courses this spring semester including our annual no charge spring IT classes and One-on-One computer training offered by the WCTC IT students. And we have taken several steps to adjust to the changing dynamics of offering courses. This semester we are able to offer classes three (3) different ways: in-class; via Zoom; or a combination of in-class and Zoom participation! Each course in the catalog is identified as to how it will be presented. We appreciate our instructors’ flexibility in offering these options to our members, and we also appreciate our members adapting to the new way of learning during these difficult times.

All in-class courses will follow the strict WCTC and LIRWC guidelines and safety protocols for dealing with COVID-19. Classes held at off-site locations will follow that location’s protocols.


Pay via PayPal! While our on-line registration system is still down, members can still pay for their membership dues and course fees via PayPal! It is very easy and only requires you have your own personal PayPal account. Send your payment to lir@wctc.edu and simply mark “PayPal” in the payment area on your Membership/Registration form and send the form to the office via email or via mail. (Of course, payment via check is still perfectly acceptable. However, no cash can be accepted by the office.) A document outlining the procedure for paying via PayPal is posted in the Resources section on this webpage along with a copy of the 2021 Spring Course Catalog and the Membership/Registration and Risk Release Forms. Again, the Risk Release form is only required if you did not sign up for anything in the fall.


LIRWC purchased several PHONAK Rogers DigiMaster 5000 and Roger SoundField Touchscreen Mics to enhance the ability of our instructors to be heard in the classroom. In addition, we are now pleased to announce the purchase of the PHONAK Touchscreen Mic and the Roger MyLink units which allows our deaf and hard of hearing members with hearing aids with Bluetooth or a T-Coil to tap directly into the instructor’s mic. It has taken a long time to reach this milestone, but we are excited to now be able to bring this technology to our members. A recent article in The Waukesha Freeman highlighted this achievement and the donations that made it possible. Read it here.


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the ability to schedule trips and large gatherings by the Special Events committee was severely curtailed – if not completed eliminated this past year by outside venues. We do not see this changing in the near future; therefore, all LIRWC trips and events are still on hiatus for the 2021 spring semester.

Several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are also on hiatus through the 2021 spring semester while other SIGs continue to meet – some in person and some via Zoom! Visit your 2021 course catalog (pages 38-39) for a complete listing and description of your SIGs and their status.

2020-21 LIRWC Board Members and Committee Chairpersons

President – Lisa Peterson
Vice President – Sue Sullivan
Treasurer – Dick Hoffman
Secretary – open
Past President – Debbie Nicely
Delegate-at- large – Doreen Giesfeldt
Delegate-at-large – Pam Erdmann
Curriculum Chair - Dave Arnott
Special Events Chair – Nancy Langlas
Membership Chair – Donna Homan
WCTC Liaison – Timothy Holloway

If you have any questions, please contact one of your Board members, one of your Delegates-at-large at lirwcquestions@gmail.com, or the office at 262.695.3473 or lir@wctc.edu.