Centennial Stories

Centennial Stories: Sarina Vongsavath

Sarina VongsavathSarina Vongsavath

Current WCTC Student, Graduating in 2024
Business Management and Leadership Development

What made you choose WCTC?

The culture and environment of WCTC is one of the first things I noticed. This is important to me as it would be difficult for me to do my best work if I am not comfortable or if my values and beliefs don’t align. The first time I came to campus, I felt very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. However, I met staff members that day who instantly made me feel welcome and at home. 

How is WCTC setting you up for success?

WCTC is full of resources for students, so much so that I am still learning about ones that I didn’t even know existed. I have never felt “on my own” on campus. There is always someone or somewhere to go to for help, no matter the issue. Some examples that I know make a huge impact on students, including myself, are the free mental health counseling sessions, the food pantry, Academic Support and Career Connections.

What are the greatest benefits of a WCTC education?

I would say being able to graduate with little to no debt, gaining hands-on and internship experience, and the ability to transfer most, if not all, credits to a four-year institution.