Our alumni are one of our greatest assets. They consistently use their skills and talents to serve others and improve their communities. If you’ve earned an associate degree, technical diploma or certificate from WCTC, our Alumni Association is here to keep you connected to your alma mater and one another.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Add or update your Alumni Profile.
  • Refer a friend or loved one to our program offerings.
  • Hire a WCTC graduate at your workplace.
  • Host a student intern at your workplace through our internship program.
  • Share your career and college experiences with current students by signing up as a guest speaker for a class.
  • Serve on a program advisory committee.
  • Attend a board meeting, commencement ceremony or other special event.
  • Invigorate your career at a WCTC workshop or job fair.
  • Donate to the WCTC Foundation.

Although we'd love to boast about all the ways our programs benefit our students and the community, we'll let our grads speak for themselves!

Alumni Testimonials

"I have enjoyed my time at WCTC, learning and observing, and connecting with a team of instructors who motivate the next generation of creative professionals. As a leader in the community, WCTC sets a high bar for producing competitive graduates." - Mary Bath, Graphic Design '19

"As a nurse, I have learned what it means to be an advocate for my patients and will continually strive to provide quality and safe care to those in need of my skillsets. I will forever be grateful for the countless opportunities I had with my education at WCTC and the connections I have made with students, faculty, hospitals, and community members." – Olivia Deuster, Nursing - Associate Degree '19

“The instructors are genuinely interested in the material they teach, and they are excited to give students all the knowledge and experience they have gained from their time in the field. After my first meeting with the instructor, I knew that this learning experience would not be monotonous, but instead my path to a great career.” – Doug Roblee, ’17 Automations Systems Technology

Great Things Happen at WCTC

Michael Hostad headshot

“As I look at where my career has taken me, I can't help but think about the solid foundation WCTC provided for my future successes. WCTC allowed me the sort of hands-on learning I was looking for in a technical program, and I graduated at a time when the IT sector was booming. I was getting job offers left and right while my friends who went to four-year schools still had two years to go.”

Michael Hostad
Microcomputer Specialist, '00