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Police K9 Decoy


March 26-29, 2024


8:00am - 4:30pm






This course is about developing the mind and building the confidence of the K9 and decoy relationship. This workshop will cover proper decoy form when teaching a K9 to target, as well as how to teach secondary targeting for the dog, if being fended off.  This also helps decoys understand the “threshold” and how to work a dog in both prey and defense work. Things like grip development, outing a K9 with minimal conflict, introduction in working a dog through distractions, and how to build a dog around stressors will also be covered.

Registrations are limited to teams only, consisting of Decoy, K9 & Handler, and price is per team.  (Do not register separately.)  

Please see the course brochure for prerequisite to ensure your registration is complete and a list of required equipment.

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