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Law Enforcement student with gear

Law Enforcement Training Courses

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Building Safer Communities

Whether you're a seasoned law enforcement professional looking to hone your skills, an aspiring officer ready to launch your career, or a citizen interested in enhancing your personal safety, WCTC provides the education and practical training you need to excel.

Explore our specialized courses for law enforcement officers and discover valuable community safety programs, all designed to build confidence and keep you prepared for any situation.

Jodi Crozier
Associate Dean, Academy Director

Training for Professionals

Training for the Community

We are proud to offer a wide variety of training courses geared toward community safety. Take advantage of hands-on learning in courses like Defensive Driving for Teens, Concealed Carry for Civilians, Personal Protection Scenarios, Situational Awareness and more.

Academic Programs

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Law Enforcement Academy students in uniforms

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Academy

Prepare to become certified as a law enforcement officer and enhance your ability to gain employment with a law enforcement agency.

Criminal Justice instructor and student in classroom

Criminal Justice Studies

Gain skills to protect and care for the community while showing respect and compassion to all people.