Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Degree Type

2-credit Technical Diploma

Program Code


Time to Degree

99 hours

Start Date


How You'll Learn

On Campus





Learn fundamental nursing assistant skills through lectures, demonstrations and skills practice in this 99-hour program. After mastering the skills, complete training in a nursing home or hospital setting under the supervision of an instructor. A Certified Medication Assistant course is available for qualified CNAs.

Please note: To be eligible for testing and/or licensing in the state of Wisconsin, you may be required to obtain a social security number.

This program is currently accepting applications.

  • Spring 2024 registration is currently open.
  • Summer 2024 open registration begins on March 20, 2024.
  • Fall 2024 open registration begins on May 15, 2024.

Tuition Costs

The cost of your degree depends on a number of factors, including where you live, how your program is delivered, how long it takes to finish your program and the financial aid you receive. Explore current tuition and fees.

Additional Estimated Costs

  • Any computer or tablet
  • Uniform: $50
  • Immunizations/testing: $36-$95
  • Caregiver Background check: $10
  • Certification test: $125

How To Apply

Ready to get started? Complete the steps listed below:


Create Account

Set up a WCTC student account to get your username and ID.


Before You Register

WCTC coordinates the placement of Nursing Assistant students at clinical sites while adhering to the clinical agencies’ background check requirements. WCTC submits student background checks to the clinical agencies, and the agency has the right to refuse clinical placement based on review of the background check.

Please note that if you have lived outside of Wisconsin within the last three years, you will need to obtain a background check from the state in which you lived. Email the completed background check to


Register for the CNA Course

Find upcoming courses through our Course Search tool. Select your desired term, search "Nursing Assistant," then select "Find Courses." Explore offerings to find the course that works for your schedule. There are three ways to register:

1. Online (recommended):

  • Log into MyWCTC. If you are unable to log in, please contact the Service Desk at 262.691.5555.
  • Select "MyWCTC Account."
  • Select "Student Services."
  • Select "Registration."
  • Select "Add/Drop Classes."
  • Select "Term."
  • Follow the steps to register.

- OR -

2. Phone: Call 262.691.5578 to register.

- OR -

3. In Person: Stop by the Enrollment Center on the first floor of the College Center to register in person. Bring your registration form.


Important Reminders

  • Complete health requirements (COVID-19 vaccine, flu vaccine and 2-step TB test). Health requirements must be complete in order to receive a permit to enroll.
  • Purchase CNA supplies: 
    • Textbook: This course uses a free online textbook. You may purchase an optional print version at the WCTC Bookstore (ISBN-13: 978-1734914108)
    • Scrubs: Royal blue
    • Shoes: Mostly white, not open-back or Crocs of any kind
    • Watch: MUST be traditional, old-fashioned analog watch (with second hand). Digital watches not permitted (per state guidelines)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out when courses are offered?

Find upcoming courses through our Course Search tool. Select your desired term, search "Nursing Assistant," then select "Find Courses." Once you find the list of courses, select "view schedule" to see when the course meets.

Health requirements can be completed at any health facility, but we encourage using designated ProHealth Care Occupational Health sites. These facilities manage health requirements for all of WCTC's School of Health and are most familiar with our forms. If you go to another site, be sure they follow the timing of necessary tests and vaccinations as explained below.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Our clinical partners recommend the COVID-19 vaccine, declination or an approved medical or religious exemption. The booster is not required at this time.

Vaccine Waiver/Declination Information

Reasonable accommodations may be available for students with documented disabilities and/or sincerely held religious beliefs. Students seeking accommodation due to documented disability should contact the Student Accessibility Office. Students seeking accommodation due to a sincerely held religious belief should complete the Religious Exemption Request Form.

Students seeking to decline the COVID-19 vaccination may complete one of the following forms:

Flu Vaccine

A flu vaccine is required for all students who are scheduled to be in a clinical site between October 1 and March 31.

TB Test

Proof of a 2-step Tuberculin skin test must be completed within 12 months prior to the end of the course.

Please note that a 2-step TB skin test means that you get two skin tests, one to three weeks apart. This will require four trips to your doctor: two trips are to receive the skin tests, and two trips are to have the skin tests read.

If you have a positive TB skin test or have received the BCG vaccination, you will then need to have a Quantiferon blood test drawn. The blood test must be drawn within one year of the end of the course. The Quantiferon blood test can be done in place of the 2-step TB test, but the test is generally more expensive.

What is a hybrid course?

A hybrid course is a fast-paced course where the material is learned through self-study. Practice tests will be taken online. You must have access to a computer to participate in a hybrid course. There are face-to-face class times for tests, lab and clinical.

How do I know if a course's clinical is held in a hospital or nursing home setting?

You will find this in the information when you view the course schedule. All clinicals are held in a nursing home unless identified as a hospital setting. Please note, there are different health requirement forms for each setting.

What if I need to miss a portion of the class?

All class time is required by the State of Wisconsin. You must plan to attend all course time.

Where do I find the course syllabus?

You will receive and review the course syllabus on your first day of class.

Program Details

Program Questions


General Questions

We'd love to help! Connect with our Outreach team by filling out our online form or by email at

If you are interested in getting an introduction to the nursing field and learning basic skills, the Nursing Assistant program may be right for you. Those working as Nursing Assistants have compassion for others, and possess strong time management, organizational and communication skills. Many who complete the Nursing Assistant program continue their studies to become a registered nurse.

  • Nursing Assistant
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

This program is open to qualified high school applicants. Learn more >

$27,400 – $35,300 annually

Salary range estimates based on wages for related occupations in Waukesha County as reported by Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI). Individual wages may vary based on experience, industry, location and specific job requirements.

Check the WCTC Graduate Success Report to view our graduates’ entry wages.

This program is not eligible for financial aid.

The students enrolled in the Nursing Assistant program should be able to meet the established technical standards identified below with or without reasonable accommodation. The technical standards for the Nursing Assistant program are representative of those found in the Nursing Assistant profession.

Review the Nursing Assistant Technical Standards.

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