Career Connections

Career Development Services

  • Career Specialists assist individuals in any point of their career development.
  • Workshops
    • Participation in workshops leads adults through the career development process of finding satisfying work options.
  • Youth Services
    • Includes workshops and web resources for youth, parents and school personnel.


The Internship Program allows them to learn in structured employment situations under the supervision of a sponsoring business firm and a coordinating instructor. The purpose of the Internship Program is to: assist students in applying the concepts, hands-on skills, and critical life skills learned in school to the work world; to assist students in acquiring knowledge, skills and attitude available only in the job environment; and to assist students in gaining work-related experience. Students participate in practical work experience in an area related to their major.

Wisconsin TechConnect

Student Employment Services provides employment assistance to students and graduates of WCTC and the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). Wisconsin TechConnect is a valuable resource for students looking to find jobs and employers looking to hire candidates.