Small Business Certificate | Waukesha County Technical College

Small Business Certificate

Complete courses a la carte or attend the following eight courses to obtain the Small Business Certificate, $380 scholarship, a free chamber membership and access to the Micro Seed Fund. Attendance at 75% of all class meetings required to qualify. There are no prerequisites, and courses may be completed in any order.

We highly recommend attending a FaSTart Workshop first and the Business Plan Development course last.

Small Business Certificate Scholarship

Certificate recipients are automatically awarded a $380 scholarship, which essentially makes your education free! The scholarship is designed to encourage every entrepreneur to commit to a well-rounded education. Scholarships are subject to available funding and will be mailed with your certificate.

Free Chamber Membership

The Community Chamber Connection gives certificate recipients the opportunity to experience the benefits of local chamber membership at no cost for one year. Contact the participating chambers to explore membership benefits. Chamber voucher can be redeemed at the participating chamber of your choice and will be mailed with your certificate. Limit one free membership per certificate. Nontransferable. Restrictions may apply.

Micro Seed Fund

Certificate recipients are also eligible for Micro Seed Fund, which is an unsecured loan up to $5,000, five-year term and one percent interest rate payable over the term of the loan. For more information, call Russ Roberts at 262.695.3468.

How to Apply

Once you have completed all eight courses, e-mail Russ Roberts with your name, student ID number, address and daytime phone number. Scholarship check and chamber voucher will be mailed with your certificate.