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Scholarships can provide financial assistance to fund your education, including tuition, books and other school-related expenses. Scholarships can be merit-based, need-based and program- or career-specific, and they do not need to be paid back.

Contact Information

WCTC Scholarships Office

College Center, Room C-016

WCTC Foundation Scholarships

WCTC offers scholarships for students in nearly every program area, as well as specialty scholarships that benefit non-traditional students, minority students and students with disabilities.

  • Nearly 70% of applicants are awarded a WCTC Foundation scholarship.
  • Scholarship awards range from $250-$1,000, with the average award being $500.
  • In 2020, the WCTC Foundation awarded $190,000 in scholarships to more than 360 WCTC students thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Please consider joining those already impacting the lives of our students by donating to the WCTC Foundation.

The WCTC Foundation Scholarship application is open mid-March through October 31. Priority is given to early applicants. Only one application is needed for the academic year.

  • June 30: Preferred deadline for the fall semester
  • October 31: Overall application for the academic year
  • Sign in using your WCTC login information and complete the general application.
  • You may save your work and come back later, as long as it is before the application deadline of October 31. You will not be able to access your application after that date.
  • Internet Explorer cannot be used as your web browser. Use Firefox, Chrome or another browser.

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Scholarship Amount

Schroeder, Caitlyn A&A Manufacturing Co. Scholar $500
Yambor, Alexis A. Aaron Quinnell Mem Cul Fund $500
Fatima, Bilqis AAWCC Scholarship $500
Songtantaruk, Nana Academic Advisors A-Team $250
Borgardt, Trent J. Allan & Mildred Steele Scholar $500
Pollex, Meghan J. Allen Albrecht Mem. Scholar $500
Welsh, Sydney A. Am Assoc of Univ Wm Mil Brch $1,500
Hoang, Minh Anderson Family Scholarship $500
Assabbagh, Ahmad H. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $500
Behling, Juliann P. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Chavez Contreras, Lesli Y. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Davies, Kaitlyn A. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $500
Ewing, Emma L. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $500
Jones, Klaire E. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $500
Lewis, Letricia M. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Mack, Shayne E. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Martha, Cristina Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Martinez, Amanda R. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $500
Morales, Adriana A. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Mortensen, Mariah L. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $500
Pollex, Meghan J. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Saavedra, Isabel K. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Smith, Faith E. Armand & Mildred Delzer Graph $1,000
Herder, Emma J. Ashley Zielinski Mem. Scholar $250
Schultz, Carissa M. Ashley Zielinski Mem. Scholar $250
Smith, Faith E. Assn for Graphic Arts Training $250
Facik, Susie Automatic Fire Protection END $250
McDermott, Emma R. Automatic Fire Protection END $250
Rachwal, Sumin Automatic Fire Protection END $250
Kohl, Abigail Awareness Dental Hygiene Schl $300
Lake, Gary G. Bank Five Nine $500
Mealins, Sean T. Bank Five Nine $500
Bronikowski, Amanda F. Bea Anderson Memorial Scholar $250
Jaquith, Chelsey N. Berghammer Corp Scholarship $500
Acosta, Rafael Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Alvarez, Humberto Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Andrade Cortes, Jose D. Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Avendano, Joe Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Cervantes, Jesus A. Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Cervantes, Luz V. Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Correa, Juan R. Bilingual Prog School App Tech $250
Ramirez, Victor O. Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Vazquez, Francisco L. Bilingual Prog School App Tech $500
Buckley, Jeni L. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Dominski, Heather K. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Fekete, Lindsey A. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Morales, Abigail G. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Ritchie, Heather M. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Roeglin, Michelle M. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Rojas-Pulido, Natalia N. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Slusser, Kathy M. Boggio Cook Muehleck Walterman $250
Drinan, Sherry N. Brad Piazza Scholarship $250
Borkowski, Stephanie M. Brandon J. Kraft Memorial $250
Satariano, Joel A. Brandon J. Kraft Memorial $250
Artley, Nikolai K. Brandon Pfeffer Memorial Sch $250
Mortensen, Mariah L. C L&D Graphics/Flaherty Schol $1,000
Haenlein, Sarah N. Caroline & Fred Portz Scholar $500
Brown, Davidjohn G. Catfish Institute Scholarship $500
Tappendorf, Jennifer K. Century Fence Scholarship $500
Becker, Jake A. Charles "Chuck" Case Memorial $250
Perock, Hunter C. Charles & Martha Falada Mem $100
Roblee, Cecelia Charles & Martha Falada Mem $100
Rosch, Jacqueline D. Comm League Men Falls Scholar $500
Scheunemann, Jasmyne M. Comm League Men Falls Scholar $500
Boulter, Joshua J. Community League Inc Gen Trade $500
Below, Joshua E. Country Inn Scholarship $500
Presley, Debra K. Country Inn Scholarship $500
Martha, Cristina Dana Walding Memorial Sch $250
Jones, William Danine & Jeffrey Rood $621
Stornello, Isabella David & Nancy Vollmar Mem $500
Graber, Kaitlyn C. Delores Jeuck Crim Just $1,000
Frizzell, Kambrie A. Delores Jeuck Nursing Schol $1,000
Hagenbeck, Lauren J. Delores Jeuck Nursing Schol $1,000
Lipske, Alexandra M. Delta Dental Scholarhsip $750
Wagner, Teresa M. Delta Dental Scholarhsip $750
Gierach, Kevin Diesel Equipment Tech Advised $500
Sadowski, Xanthan A. Diesel Equipment Tech Advised $500
Sattler, Tye C. Diesel Equipment Tech Advised $500
Mueller, Jacob Dietrich Wienss Memorial Sch $500
Erickson, Jamie L. Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Kosiek, Kaeli L. Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Kunda, Kristina D. Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Ladd, Gracie J. Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Lewis, Abigail Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Plankey, Ingrid A. Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Smith, Tasha T. Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Thompsen, Kayla M. Districts Mutual Insurance $500
Remshek, Amanda R. Donald E Bishop Memorial PS $500
Andrade Trujillo, Daniel Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Bishop, Jennifer L. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Boville, BJ L. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Carter, Brittany R. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Cinar, Kim Y. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Efange, Mbua Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Garland, Nicole M. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Hatzinger, Haley L. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
John-Sutton, Kim M. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Keller, Alicyn A. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Lenar, Emma Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Lopez, Jeanette Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Mikulski, Lauren C. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Nguyen, Nguyen H. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Parker, Chase F. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Pitchford, Marlon D. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Quintero, Mirieliz D. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Reisner, Maureen M. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Serrano, Danette Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Strunsee, Nicole M. Dr Richard T Anderson $500
Forsyth, David A. Dr. B Prindiville IHO E. Johns $250
Rajnicek, Tayler J. Dueco Scholarship $500
Wirts, Dusten R. Dueco Scholarship $500
Goodwin, Ashley Edward Evert Mem.Scholarship $500
Splinter, Meghan Edward Evert Mem.Scholarship $500
Stornello, Isabella Edward Evert Mem.Scholarship $500
Toman, Hayley S. Edward Evert Mem.Scholarship $500
Vang, Sy E-Line Spec. Pop. Scholar $500
Kotter, Destiny R. Ellen S Phillips Scholarship $250
Andrade Trujillo, Lorena Engineering Scholarship Fund $250
Martinez, Amanda R. Eric & Lynn Delzer Scholarship $250
Golata, Emily E. Feichtmeier,Peter Scholarship $500
Irvine, Emily C. Forward Dental Scholarship $250
DAmico, Angela J. Frank & Elaine Pagliaro $500
Stolt, Crystal A. Frank & Elaine Pagliaro $500
Krueger, Katie M. Fred "Casey" Reilly Memorial $221
Curtis, Sarah E. Fredricks/Hansen Acct. Scholar $750
Dearth, Ashley C. Fredricks/Hansen Acct. Scholar $750
Nunez, Emily I. Fredricks/Hansen Acct. Scholar $750
Selsing, Jennifer M. Fredricks/Hansen Acct. Scholar $750
Aldridge, Rosie O. Gene & Janet Cook Memorial $500
Braker, Sarah M. Generac Corp Scholarship $625
Hanson, Tyler Generac Corp Scholarship $625
Kirk, Chinita S. Generac Corp Scholarship $625
Roets, Joshua F. Generac Corp Scholarship $625
Grable, Tom V. Grainger Foundation $500
Buelow, Stephanie Greater Mke  - John Ernst Sch $800
Rowe, Shane E. Greater Mke  - John Ernst Sch $900
Arellano, Jorge Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Catalan, Guadalupe J. Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Gilgenbach, Brian J. Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Herold, Hunter T. Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Krenz, Madison C. Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Ksicinski, Kate M. Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Stigler, Savanna J. Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Still, Hannah D. Greater Mke New Berlin Fire $1,038
Enders, Kathleen Greater Mke-Dan&Bertha Krepps $1,000
Kohl, Abigail Greater Mke-Dan&Bertha Krepps $1,000
Marquardt, David M. Greater Mke-Dan&Bertha Krepps $1,000
Pavelsek, Christopher E. Greater Mke-Dan&Bertha Krepps $1,000
Zagorski, Crystal F. Greater Mke-Dan&Bertha Krepps $1,000
Anderson, Elyssa W. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $500
Batchelor, Demetrius L. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Behling, Juliann P. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Billyard, Kristopher C. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Brown, Relondo J. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Bush, Hunter J. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Chavez Contreras, Lesli Y. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Davies, Kaitlyn A. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $500
Gobeli, Scott J. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Lamboy-Heffner, Alana C. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $500
Mack, Shayne E. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Martinez, Amanda R. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Morton, Theo Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Robinson, Christopher R. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Romens, Ariel M. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Saavedra, Isabel K. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Smith, Faith E. Harry V. Quadracci Investment $250
Nelson, Rebecca L. Helen M. Ring Memorial $250
Yambor, Alexis A. Helen M. Ring Memorial $250
Coates, Amber A. Henke Scholarship $250
Gonzales-Lopez, Anna I. Henke Scholarship $250
Keeling, Steven R. Henke Scholarship $250
Meeker, Brittany N. Henke Scholarship $250
Neubert, Holly B. Henke Scholarship $250
Perez, Carlos Henke Scholarship $250
Reske, Josh Henke Scholarship $250
Strike, Molly J. Henke Scholarship $250
Billyard, Kristopher C. HNI Risk Serv Endow Sch $500
Stewart, Raymond C. HNI Risk Serv Endow Sch $500
Purifoy, Angel S. Honorary Marilyn Young $500
Cardona, Claudia L. HS Completion & ELL Adv Fund $250
Kim, Heejin International Trade Scholar $500
Zagorski, Crystal F. International Trade Scholar $500
Loos, William M. IREM Chap. 13 Scholarship $300
Henke, Charles Jason Poppe Scholarship $1,000
Krenz, Madison C. Jay Balchunas Memorial $1,100
Catalan, Guadalupe J. Jeffrey Gusinda Scholarship $500
Remshek, Amanda R. Jeffrey Gusinda Scholarship $500
Stigler, Savanna J. Jeffrey Gusinda Scholarship $500
Still, Hannah D. Jeffrey Gusinda Scholarship $500
Kohnke, Jaime Y. Jennifer Duce Scholarship $300
Gutierrez-Vidales, Brandon S. Jennifer Sebena $125
Palma, Jenni M. Joan Jenstead Memorial $250
Brown, Davidjohn G. John E. Lohmann Scholarship $500
Flater, Rebekah J. Kaylen & Bill Betzig $250
Gresbach, Evelynn X. Kaylen & Bill Betzig $250
Scherzberg, Ava J. Keith Owsiany Memorial Advised $250
Snyder, Elizabeth N. KI/Duet Scholarship $500
Rodriguez-Hernandez, Alejandra Kiwanis Eagle Scholarship $500
Lasanske, Mariya L. Lake County Rotary Scholar $500
Oberdorf, Alexis G. Leadership Scholarship $500
Diring, Kimberly D. Learning in Retirement Scholar $1,000
Gilpatrick, Sarah M. Lennon Family Endowment Schl. $250
Herbst, Ashley E. Lennon Family Endowment Schl. $250
Hohm, Christina M. Lennon Family Endowment Schl. $250
Windau, Brittany F. Lennon Family Endowment Schl. $250
Anderson, Elyssa W. M Baer Schools2Skills $500
Brant, Kaylee C. M Baer Schools2Skills $500
Koneazny, Kaetryn M Baer Schools2Skills $500
Mueller, Jacob M Baer Schools2Skills $1,000
Orheim, Connor J. M Baer Schools2Skills $500
Brown, Davidjohn G. MAFSI Scholarship $500
Feggestad, Tatiana A. Maria J Jensen Memorial $250
Haines, Mia L. Maria J Jensen Memorial $250
Bernstein, David A. Mary Fox Hagner Mem/MNF $350
Golata, Emily E. Mary Fox Hagner Mem/MNF $350
Jaquith, Chelsey N. Mary Fox Hagner Mem/MNF $350
Mahajan, Shweta S. Mary Fox Hagner Mem/MNF $350
Petersdorff, Mason R. Mary Fox Hagner Mem/MNF $700
Vu, Chi Pham Kim Mary Fox Hagner Mem/MNF $350
Warner, Joshua M. Mary Fox Hagner Mem/MNF $350
Foley, Robert Michael Guy Johnson Memorial $200
Birr, Matthew L. Midwest Composite $500
Conrad, Mathew L. Midwest Composite $500
Detert, Evan J. Midwest Composite $500
Hill, Adam C. Midwest Composite $500
Lindala, Derik W. Midwest Composite $500
Loomis, Ryan C. Midwest Composite $500
Nelson, Michael S. Midwest Composite $500
Rachow, Evrett C. Midwest Composite $500
Regozzi, Richard J. Midwest Composite $500
Scott, Adam J. Midwest Composite $500
Theissen, Erik J. Midwest Composite $500
Walters, Liam Midwest Composite $500
Wirts, Dusten R. Midwest Composite $500
Wisotzke, Joshua L. Midwest Composite $500
Young-Pikulik, Sebastain K. Midwest Composite $500
Kopfer, Logan W. Mke Society of Plastic Eng Edu $500
Mueller, Jacob Mke Society of Plastic Eng Edu $500
Orheim, Connor J. Mke Society of Plastic Eng Edu $500
Steeger, Allen J. Mke Society of Plastic Eng Edu $500
Theissen, Erik J. Mke Society of Plastic Eng Edu $1,000
Westergaard, Jeremy M. Mke Society of Plastic Eng Edu $500
Lewis, Letricia M. Modjeski Photo Scholarship $500
Morales, Adriana A. Modjeski Photo Scholarship $500
Mortensen, Mariah L. Modjeski Photo Scholarship $500
Harris, Elizabeth R. Monica R. Haase Memorial $250
Lipske, Alexandra M. Monica R. Haase Memorial $250
Thomas, Mary Mukwonago Crazy Quilters Guild $500
Beard, Spencer J. Nathan J. Bauer Memorial $100
Braun, Briana K. Nicholas Wilcox Mem Sch $500
Braker, Sarah M. Nick Aversa Zenith Scholar $500
Pockey, Kyle Nick Aversa Zenith Scholar $500
Roeglin, Michelle M. Nursing Faculty Scholarship $125
Teschner, Karen R. Nursing Faculty Scholarship $250
Soderbeck, Sydney M. Oliver & Ruth Sells Schl. $500
Stephenson, Lia J. Oliver & Ruth Sells Schl. $500
Rachow, Evrett C. Orbis Corp Scholarship $250
Malecki, Shana-Marie S. Pamela B Schroeder $500
Breznik, Alexis A. Peter & Mary Karter $500
Schultz, Dresden R. Philip Morris/Miller Brew Schl $400
Boulter, Joshua J. Precision Gears Scholarship $500
Lamboy-Heffner, Alana C. Printing & Graphics Scholarshi $500
Romens, Ariel M. Printing & Graphics Scholarshi $500
Steggall, Autumn L. Protective Services COE $250
Duvall, Brooke Rockwell/Allen Brad. Scholar $500
Kopfer, Logan W. Ronald L. Wishman Scholarship $250
Mueller, Jacob Ronald L. Wishman Scholarship $250
Orheim, Connor J. Ronald L. Wishman Scholarship $250
Theissen, Erik J. Ronald L. Wishman Scholarship $250
Ritchie, Heather M. Sarah Mindiola Barse Memorial $500
Rodriguez-Hernandez, Alejandra Sarah Mindiola Barse Memorial $500
Conigliaro, Vincent School of Applied Technology $750
Spek, Isabella A. School of Applied Technology $750
Wolosek, Jennifer P. School of Health $500
Mahajan, Shweta S. SE WI Master Gardeners, Inc. $500
Remshek, Amanda R. Shawn Willett Memorial $250
Strack, Andy T. Shawn Willett Memorial $250
Becker, Jake A. Sherman & Donna Swanson Schola $250
Boulter, Joshua J. Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Brant, Kaylee C. Skill Trades Fund $500
Detert, Evan J. Skill Trades Fund $500
Hanson, Tyler Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Kirk, Chinita S. Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Koneazny, Kaetryn Skill Trades Fund $500
Lepak, Griffin T. Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Loppnow, Dean A. Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Mueller, Jacob Skill Trades Fund $500
Orheim, Connor J. Skill Trades Fund $500
Padilla, Andres Skill Trades Fund $500
Rajnicek, Tayler J. Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Steeger, Allen J. Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Theissen, Erik J. Skill Trades Fund $500
Wirts, Dusten R. Skill Trades Fund $1,000
Jaquith, Chelsey N. Spancrete Scholarship $300
Steeger, Allen J. Stanek Tool Scholarship $1,000
Naylor, Ryan M. Stephan Kukawka Scholarship $500
Narayan, Aditi P. Steven A Jones Memorial Sch $500
Leist, Anna Lynn J. Sue Coyle Nursing Scholarship $400
Batchelor, Demetrius L. Technical Diploma & Cert Sch $250
Lee, Amaya J. Technical Diploma & Cert Sch $250
Stephens, Christopher C. Technical Diploma & Cert Sch $250
Upshaw, Barry Technical Diploma & Cert Sch $250
Dable, Jazmin M. Tessmann $500
Ramos Diaz, Jema Tessmann $500
Rast, Jennifer A. Tessmann $500
Jacobs, Elizabeth A. The Business Scholarship Funds $500
Montoya, Amanda M. The Business Scholarship Funds $500
Vogl, Yolanda M. Thomas & Martha Brophy Fam Sch $500
Bach, Kalie L. Tribute Scholarships $250
Dearth, Ashley C. Tribute Scholarships $250
Escobedo, Laura Tribute Scholarships $250
Scherzberg, Ava J. Tribute Scholarships $250
Sutrick, Jordyn Tribute Scholarships $250
Wildes, Olivia R. Tribute Scholarships $250
Sriperambuduri, Srilatha Vera Ojd.-Beye ESL Ed Supp Adv $200
Wu, Yanming Vera Ojd.-Beye ESL Ed Supp Adv $200
Strack, Andy T. Waukesha Police Chiefs Scholar $500
Genthe, Lauren WCTC A.J. Natalizio Scholar $1,000
Wage, Austin M. WCTC A.J. Natalizio Scholar $1,000
Foerster, Cheri M. WCTC Found Nursing Scholarship $500
Leroux, Deborah J. WCTC Found Nursing Scholarship $500
Johnson, Adrieana A. WCTC Foundation Allied Health $250
Blankenburg, Anna M. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Eddy, Alexis N. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Estrada, Keva R. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Geyer, Tim WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Gomez, Javier A. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Gray, Elizabeth K. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Hall, Alysia WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Hibbard, Madelyn R. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Hick, Andrea B. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Kastner, Connor S. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Lane, Triscilla WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Massey, Jennifer L. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Mech, Allison L. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Morrison, Nathan T. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Pozorski, Adam D. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Rausch, Leah R. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Runge, Tyler A. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Schimmel, Amanda J. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Schubert, Harley R. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Schuyler, Sierra E. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Scully, Jaden V. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Syverson, Julia A. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Travers, Sydney L. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Virgil, Bria R. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Walker-Haynes, Ashley N. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Wolf, Clare A. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Wood, Milissa A. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Zudyk, Peyton N. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $500
Zyla, Mark S. WCTC Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Gerona, Grace G. WCTC Hosp Mana/Cul Scholar $250
Malecki, Shana-Marie S. WCTC Hosp Mana/Cul Scholar $250
Narayan, Aditi P. WCTC Hosp Mana/Cul Scholar $250
Zenisek, Jennifer M. WCTC Hosp Mana/Cul Scholar $250
Green, Kimberly WCTC Legacy Scholarship $1,000
Johannes, Tristan J. WCTC Legacy Scholarship $1,000
Roberson, Jasmin L. WCTC Nursing Club Scholarship $250
Purifoy, Angel S. WCTEA Scholarship $500
DuGar, Emmanuel D. WE Energies Foundation $300
Loppnow, Dean A. Weldall Mfg Scholarship $500
Padilla, Andres Weldall Mfg Scholarship $500
Bush, Hunter J. WI Motor Carrier IMO R Stigler $500
Orheim, Connor J. William & Etta Steele Scholar $500
Bartsch, Selena M. William Baumgart Scholarship $500
Davis, Stephanie M. William Moylan Memorial Sch $250
Rast, Jennifer A. Winter,Kloman,Moter Scholar $250
Selsing, Jennifer M. Winter,Kloman,Moter Scholar $250

Requirements to Apply

  • Be admitted into a WCTC certificate, technical diploma or associate degree program; Undeclared students are not eligible
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Be enrolled in six or more credits for the upcoming semester (total for Term 1 and Term 2 combined)

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not required, however, many scholarships are based on financial need and other criteria. We recommend applying online to enhance your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

View answers to frequently asked questions about the WCTC Foundation Scholarship. 

If you still have questions, contact us at 262.691.5284 or scholarships@wctc.edu.


External Scholarships

WCTC students often qualify for awards from external organizations. We encourage you to pursue all opportunities and start researching and applying for scholarships even before you’re accepted to WCTC.

Browse WCTC’s list of external scholarships and explore the free scholarship search sites listed below.

External scholarships are given by donors and organizations not affiliated with WCTC. WCTC does not endorse any of these companies, organizations, services or products.

We encourage you to use caution when providing personal information. You should never have to pay or purchase products or services in order to be eligible for a scholarship. In most cases, these companies are attempting to sell software, books and other services unrelated to scholarships.

If you have concerns or negative experiences regarding any listed scholarships, please contact us at 262.691.5284 or scholarships@wctc.edu.

Please note that we only publish opportunities from donors located within the state of Wisconsin. Donors outside of Wisconsin who seek to create a scholarship specifically for WCTC students should contact the WCTC Foundation.

You are required to provide written notification to the WCTC Financial Aid Office of all external scholarships you receive. In some cases, these funds may be used to repay a portion of loans that you’ve already received.

If you would like to confirm that we have received your scholarship check and you know that the scholarship provider has mailed it out at least two weeks ago, you can contact us at 262.691.5284 or scholarships@wctc.edu.

Scholarship checks are usually made co-payable to the student and WCTC and then submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Scholarship funds are applied to your account and split equally between both semesters, unless otherwise indicated by the donor.

  • If the check is made co-payable to you and WCTC, then sign the back of the check and submit it to the Financial Aid Office. Include your student ID number on the front of the check.
  • If the check is made payable only to WCTC, submit it to the Financial Aid Office and include your student ID number on the front. You do not need to sign the check.
  • If the check is made payable only to you, then notify the Financial Aid Office of the donor and the amount. You are not required to send the check to WCTC.

If a donor requires verification of enrollment, you may log in to your myWCTC account and print a copy of your class schedule, or you can contact the Registration Office at 262.691.5578.

If a student has been awarded an external scholarship and the donor plans on sending the check directly to WCTC, please include:

  • Student name
  • Student ID number
  • Semester for which the scholarship is to be awarded
  • Any specific guidelines for disbursement

Checks should be made out to WCTC. Mail scholarships checks to:

WCTC, 800 Main Street, Pewaukee, WI 53072


Scholarship Tips


Be Thorough and Accurate

Incomplete applications do not best represent you. Treat the application like an exam; for each area you leave blank, points may be deducted. Work directly with the scholarship coordinator for questions or clarity.


Tell Your Story

This can often be the most important part of the entire application process. Use your responses to the essay questions to share your personal story and show the reviewer that you are a “good investment.” Scholarships are funded by individuals and local companies who are looking to invest in your success and in the future of our community. The application is your opportunity to share your educational and career plans with the reviewer and make the case why you deserve the scholarship award more so than the next applicant.


Pay Attention to Grammar and Spelling

Type your essays in a Word processor first to help you identify grammar and spelling errors. Visit the Writing Center or review your application with an instructor, friend or family member.


Find References

These can really help boost your application. Be sure to reach out to your references in advance for their approval. Ask those who can positively attest to your character and commitment. It is always good to have at least one academic and one employment reference.


Meet Deadlines

Don’t wait until the last day to apply. Students often encounter technical or personal issues that prevent them from submitting the application on time which results in missing the deadline.