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If grants, scholarships and personal savings aren’t enough to help you cover tuition, loans can help you make up the difference. Loans must be paid back with interest. Explore several of the federal and state loans that are available to students.

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The Federal Direct Loan Program

These loans by the U.S. Dept. of Education and must be repaid when you drop below half-time enrollment or graduate. Depending upon your income, the loan may be subsidized (need-based, and interest is not charged while you are in school) or unsubsidized (not need-based, and interest is charged while you are in school). The loan has a 10-year standard repayment period, and there is no pre-payment penalty. The interest rate is fixed and is determined by the date the loan is disbursed (see chart below). An origination fee results in a net fee incurred when the loan arrives (see chart below). Learn more about the Direct Loan Program.

How to Apply:


Complete the FAFSA.

Complete the FAFSA online. You must be admitted and enrolled at least half-time (six credits) in an eligible program.


Complete the online entrance counseling.

All first-time loan recipients are required to complete online entrance counseling, which will describe the loan's terms.


Complete the master promissory note.

This is the legally binding document you sign agreeing to repay the Direct Loan. You may sign the MPN electronically with your Federal Student Aid ID number, or you can print and mail it.