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Six Sigma Green Belt

Course Description

WCTC’s Six Sigma Green Belt course develops students into team leaders and problem-solvers who can regularly improve processes within their local areas and functions. Following the disciplined DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) roadmap, students learn to collect and analyze performance data, identify inefficiencies and problems, pinpoint the root causes of those problems and institute new protocols to greatly improve processes. Students will obtain skills in leading teams through the process of change, while incorporating a creative problem solving approach. Students will also be instructed on the use of Minitab software for statistical analysis.This Six Sigma Green Belt course provides real world application in the manufacturing, administrative and healthcare related fields. Students will learn firsthand how continuous quality improvement tools and strategies can positively impact their daily lives and careers. The class will incorporate theory, application and group activities where students will work collaboratively to present theory, current articles, results of simulation exercises and case studies. Paired with the Six Sigma Green Belt Project course (625-151), students will produce a comprehensive, final capstone project using all phases of the DMAIC approach. The student will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the Six Sigma approach to continuous improvement using strategies and tools to address and improve process related inefficiencies.

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