Accuplacer Retest Fee Waiver Request

Students enrolling in WCTC courses are allowed to retest in ACCUPLACER one time to improve their course placement. A waiver of the $15 retest fee should be requested only if payment of the fee would present a substantial hardship to the applicant. To be considered for a retest fee waiver complete the form below:

If you already have a 9-digit WCTC student ID number, enter it here.
Applicants must meet one or more of the following indicators of economic need. Check all that apply:*

2023-2024 Income Eligibility Guidelines

Set by USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Number in Family Total Income Before Taxes
1 $26,973
2 $36,482
3 $45,991
4 $55,500
5 $65,009
6 $74,518
More than 6 Plus $8,732 for each additional family member
Certification Statement*