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Complete the Independent Learner Profile below to find out! Keep in mind that disciplined, self-motivated and capable learners do best in online-only learning. Before you register for an online course, you should carefully review your personal learning style, motivation and commitment to learning success.

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Independent Learner Profile

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I regularly have 7-9 hours per week to spend on this course.
I am a good reader and I prefer learning by reading.
I enjoy working independently and seldom need reassurance that I am doing this correctly.
I have specific days/times available to work on my Internet course.
I can budget my time well and prioritize activities efficiently.
I realize that the class work of an Internet course is equal to or greater than that of a regular on-campus course.
I am willing to take responsibility for getting whatever help I may need with this course by contacting an instructor.
I realize that my instructor may not be available when I want and that I may have to leave an email message.
I realize that course requirements and due dates are there for good reasons, and I feel I can structure my time effectively to meet them.
I am comfortable working at the computer. I can surf the web, send email and use a word processor.
I have met the recommended prerequisites for this course.