Student Code of Conduct

A community exists on the basis of shared values and principles. At WCTC, student members of the community are expected to uphold and abide by certain standards of conduct that form the basis of the Student Code of Conduct. These standards are embodied within a set of core values.

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Student Life

Jonathan Pedraza, Dean of Students

Campus Security Desk

College Center, Room C-042

Core Values of WCTC Student Conduct

  • Integrity: WCTC students exemplify honesty, honor and a respect for the truth in all of their dealings.
  • Community: WCTC students build and enhance their community.
  • Social Justice: WCTC students are just and equitable in their treatment of all members of the community and act to discourage and/or intervene to prevent unjust and inequitable behaviors.
  • Respect: WCTC students show positive regard for each other, for property and for the community.
  • Responsibility: WCTC students are given and accept a high level of responsibility to self, to others and to the community.

Guidelines and Policies


When a student violates the core values, WCTC initiates campus conduct proceedings. The student conduct process at WCTC is not intended to punish students; rather, it exists to protect the interests of the community and to challenge those whose behavior is not in accordance with our policies. Sanctions are intended to challenge students’ moral and ethical decision-making and to help them bring their behavior into accord with our community expectations. Sanctions could include suspension or expulsion.