Grade Appeal Process

The Grade Appeal Process exists to provide students the opportunity to appeal their final grade if sufficient evidence exists to question a final course grade.

When a student believes that the final grade they have received in a course is inaccurate or unjustified, the student must be able to provide justification for the appeal, and the student must use the following procedures to appeal the grade. The request must detail the basis for the allegation that a grade was improper and must present the relevant evidence. It is the student's responsibility to have an ongoing discussion with the instructor about the status of their grade. Sanctions for Academic Ethics violations that result in a failing course grade can only be appealed through the Academic Ethics Violations appeal process, not this grade appeal process.

Students who wish to appeal a grade given on a specific test, essay, homework, performance, computer program project, etc., may do so informally by discussing the matter with the instructor who issued the grade. The grades assigned to students are the decision of the instructor and, except as outlined in the appeal process below, are final.

Grade Appeal Steps


Step 1

Within seven calendar days from posting the final grade, the student shall contact the faculty who issued the final grade and discuss the grade in question. If the student is unable to contact the faculty member, the student may seek assistance through the Student Life Office by contacting or 262.691.5295.


Step 2

If the student and instructor are not able to resolve the appeal and the student wishes to pursue the matter further, the student must complete a WCTC Grade Appeal Request within seven calendar days of receipt of the written decision of the faculty member. If the request is not filed within the prescribed time, the student forfeits the right to any further appeal. The Associate Dean will meet individually with the student and the faculty member or may choose to meet with them together in an attempt to resolve the grade.  The Associate Dean may consult with the Dean if necessary. The student will be notified through their WCTC email account.

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Step 3

If the Associate Dean and the student are not able to resolve the appeal and the student wishes to pursue the matter further, the student may make a written request to the Student Life Manager by contacting for a Board of Review hearing within seven calendar days of receipt of the written decision of the Associate Dean. If the request is not filed within the prescribed time, the student forfeits the right to any further appeal.


Step 4

The Board of Review hearing will be scheduled by the Office of Student Life within seven calendar days after receiving the written request for a hearing. The student, instructor, Associate Dean, Dean, or Student Life Manager may request that the time may be extended as a result of extenuating circumstances (e.g., summer schedules and faculty availability). The student, instructor, Associate Dean, and Dean will be notified in writing in such circumstances. All persons involved in the hearing will be notified via WCTC email of hearing time, date, and location. The Student Life Manager is responsible for these notifications.

Board of Review for Grade Appeals

  • The Board of Review shall be established to hear appeals initiated by a student to contest a final course grade received by the student.
  • The Board of Review consists of three (3) members. These members will come from a trained pool of students, administrators, and instructors, and there will be one board member from each of these categories. The Student Life Manager will select three members from this pool for each Board of Review hearing. The College's attorney may be present to act as an advisor but will not be a voting member. In order for student peers to sit as members of the Board of Review, all involved students must sign a release to authorize a student to sit on the Board. If appropriate authorizations are not obtained, the Board of Review will proceed without a student representative.
  • The Student Life Manager, or designee, will serve as the Chair of this committee. The Board of Review is advised by this person, and the Chair does not participate in the hearing but serves as a resource during the deliberation phases of the hearing.

Board of Review Procedures

  1. If the student does not appear for the scheduled hearing, the student forfeits the right to any further appeal.
  2. All persons will be asked to affirm that their testimony is truthful and will be informed that providing false information may result in additional violations of the code of conduct or employment ethics.
  3. The student has the right to be accompanied by another adult of their choosing. The student and their guest, if any, will be allowed to attend the entire portion of the hearing at which information is received, excluding deliberations of responsibility and sanctioning. Admission of any other person to the hearing will be at the discretion of the Board Chair and/or the Student Life Manager.
  4. The student is responsible for presenting their own information at the hearing, and therefore, guests are not permitted to speak or to participate directly in any hearing. Guests who do not observe this restriction will be removed from the hearing by the Chair. No replacement guest will be permitted. The instructor, Associate Dean and/or Dean will also be present at the hearing.
  5. Pertinent records, exhibits, and written statements may be accepted as information for consideration by a board at the discretion of the Board Chair.
  6. All procedural questions are subject to the final decision of the Board Chair.
  7. Hearings (excluding deliberations) will be audio recorded. The recording will be kept until the College Vice President of Learning or designee has rendered his or her decision, after which the recording will be erased.
  8. After hearing all information, all participants, except Board members, will be asked to leave the room. The Board of Review will then deliberate in private. The Board of Review will make a determination by a majority vote. The Chair will prepare a written deliberation report for the Vice President of Learning, detailing the finding, the information cited by the Board of Review in support of its finding, and any information that the Board of Review excluded from its consideration and why. This report should conclude with a recommended grade change or alternate decision. This report must be submitted to the Vice President of Learning within 48 hours after the end of deliberations.
  9. After receipt of the recommendation of the Board of Review and within seven calendar days, the College Vice President of Learning or designee shall render a written decision and furnish copies of the decision to the student, Associate Dean, Dean, faculty and to the Student Life Manager. The decision of the Vice President of Learning is final.