Institutional Effectiveness

The Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) unit provides essential information and analysis for improving the College’s efficiency and effectiveness.


IRE conducts surveys on its own or in support of other areas of the College. Below are links to currently active IRE surveys:

Current IRE Surveys

Surveys for Other Departments at WCTC

For participation in all types of research, IRE subscribes to the following privacy standards:

Privacy Statement for Research/Survey Participation

WCTC values all contributions to our research efforts. Institutional Research and Effectiveness will take every reasonable step to protect the privacy of participants in our research. As a participant, an individual's identity will not be revealed to any third parties, inside the college or in the community-at-large, unless the individual provides expressed written consent to do so. Responses are only used to create aggregated profiles of other, similar respondents who have taken the same survey. In the event that there are so few responses from a given segment of the survey population that responses might be recognizably associated with an individual, either directly or indirectly, those responses will be aggregated into a larger grouping or withheld altogether.

Our Team

Viktor Brenner, Ph.D. | Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness | 262.691.5577

Jean Furstenberg | Administrative Assistant | 262.691.5479

David Schubot, Ph.D. | Program Development and Evaluation Coordinator | 262.691.5173

Sydney Tylke, MS | IRE Research Technician | 262.691.5158

Indira Vadapally, MS | Business Intelligence Coordinator | 262.691.5170

Dawn Voigt, Ph.D. | Program Development and Evaluation Coordinator | 262.691.7825