Adult Basic Education

Adults can improve their basic reading, writing and math skills at no cost. Individualized, self-paced, instruction is provided in basic academic skills up to, and including, high school equivalency. Instructor guidance is available.

  • Refresh skills before entering an occupational training program
  • Improve academic skills for job retraining or job advancement
  • Complete post-secondary educational program entry requirements
  • Complete high school credential requirements, including GED in Spanish

Basic education services are offered at the WCTC Pewaukee and Waukesha campuses.

Non-Credit Courses

  • Reading
  • Study Skills
  • Writing/Grammar
  • Computer Skills
  • Reading for Health Occupations

Other non-credit Adult Basic Education services offered through The Learning Place:

  • Evaluate reading, writing/grammar, and math skill levels
  • Prepare for testing (COMPASS, Trades/Apprenticeship, or other entrance exams)
  • Upgrade basic skills for entry into health occupations
  • Learn study skills and test-taking strategies
  • Get help with math or written communications courses
  • Improve computer skills, and
  • Take non-credit reading, writing or math courses for self-improvement

Visit the Pewaukee campus or contact The Learning Place at 262.691.5318 for more information on registering.

Credit Basic Education Courses

Take a self-paced individualized credit classes in reading, writing and math is to enhance college level skills, earn a college level credit and grade, and/or use as elective credit to graduate from a WCTC Associate Degree program. The credits are not to be used for preparation for admission into WCTC Associate Degree programs.


Includes improvement of comprehension, vocabulary, reading rate, and study skills such as test-taking strategies, memory techniques, note-taking skills and critical reading. Students beginning business occupations courses that wish to better prepare for college work and enhance their reading skills for the workplace. Students will develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, and learning strategies.


Includes the process of developing and editing paragraphs and essays using complete sentences, correct punctuation, and proper grammar.


May include topics that are specific to the student's program, which may include ratio and proportion, measurement, scientific notation, signed numbers, algebra, and geometry topics.

To register, call 262.691.2910.

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