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Spring 2016 Semester Courses

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538-106 Span/English Vocab Hlth Field

This bilingual course, (Spanish/English), is for students who are entering the field as a Medical Interpreter. Students will learn to recognize, spell, define, and pronounce vocabulary associated with the various body systems, as well as words and phrases used by interpreters in different areas of care in health settings. This course is required for the technical diploma in Language Interpretation for Health Services. Students need to speak and write Spanish and English fluently and correctly.

Course Credits


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Offering number: 538-106-001

Course Notes

CRN: 20530
Tuition/fee: $412.80
Seats Open: 1
Instructor: Gonzalez-Milan, Antonio
Program Restriction
Dates: 01/20/16-05/11/16
Days: Wednesday
Times: 06:00pm-08:50pm
Room: H208

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