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Spring 2015 Semester Courses

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109-165 Study of Hospitality Operatns

Observe actual working conditions in food, beverage and lodging establishments. Apply learned principles of management.

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Offering number: 109-165-003

Prerequisite(s): 109-100 Intro to Hospitality Industry (or concurrent) and COMPASS-Writing Skills or COMPASS/ESL - Grammar or ACT-English or College Proficiency - Writing or ASSET-Writing Skills or Accuplacer Sentence Skills or TABE Advanced Language or Completed Intro College Wrtg or 831-103 Intro to College Writing (or concurrent) or 801-195 Written Communication (or concurrent) or 801-136 English Composition 1 or 851-771 Writing-Program Readiness; and COMPASS-Reading Skills or TABE Advanced Reading or Accuplacer Reading Comprehensi or College Proficiency - Reading or ASSET-Reading Skills or COMPASS/ESL - Reading or ACT-Reading or 838-105 Intro Reading & Study Skills (or concurrent) or 858-775 Reading - Program Readiness
CRN: 20890
Tuition/fee: $292.80
Seats Open: 5
Instructor: Griesemer, William R
Program Restriction
Dates: 01/19/15-05/11/15
Days: Monday
Times: 01:30pm-04:25pm
Room: A010

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