Small Business Center

Starting and growing a small business is about combining your courage and dreams with the right knowledge. The WCTC Small Business Center helps you acquire that knowledge through a wide variety of affordable classes, services, events and more. Call or email us today and we'll show you how easy it is to get started on your path to success.

Fall 2014 Full Class Schedule (pdf)

Spring 2014 Full Class Schedule

Classes (Non-credit)

Small Business Classes

Start-up Basics

Business Planning




Computer Technology

Small Business Certificate (Non-credit)

Every aspiring entrepreneur should attend a basic FaSTart Workshop in addition to completing the following comprehensive courses to obtain the optional Small Business Certificate, $200 scholarship and free chamber membership. Attendance at 75% of all class meetings required to qualify. Classes may be completed in any order and there are no prerequisites.

How to Apply

Contact Russ Roberts by email or call 262.695.3468 to apply.

Small Business Certificate Scholarship

Certificate recipients are automatically awarded a $200 scholarship. The scholarship is designed to encourage every entrepreneur to commit to a well-rounded education by completing the Small Business Certificate. Scholarships are subject to available funding and will be mailed with your certificate.

Free Chamber Membership

The Community Chamber Connection gives certificate recipients the opportunity to experience the benefits of local chamber of commerce membership at no cost for one year. Recipients should contact the participating chambers to explore membership benefits. Limit one free membership per certificate. Non-transferable. Restrictions may apply. Chamber voucher can be redeemed at the participating chamber of your choice and will be mailed with your certificate. To request a list of participating chambers, please email Russ Roberts.


Free One-on-One Counseling

Get expert help navigating the complexities of the business world, shortening the learning curve and increasing your chances of success.

Business Plan Express

Connect with a business planning professional for a quick, inexpensive solution for preparing a well-written plan.

Technical Assistance Program

Gain access to high-quality, experienced strategic partners who will assist you in business plan creation/polishing. Get QuickBooks consulting and more - all at affordable rates.

Success Mentor Program

Connect at no cost with an experienced SCORE mentor ready to help your business grow. Industry-specific experts will guide you, answer your complex questions and keep you pointed in the right direction…with your success being the ultimate goal! To gain access, please e-mail Russ Roberts your full contact info, a brief background on your business and a list of topic areas where you need help.

Take a Professional to Lunch

Access our exclusive network of community-oriented professionals who have agreed to meet with start-up, emerging and established small business owners at no cost to discuss topics of interest and answer business-related questions. Our goal is provide you with the insight and guidance you need to propel your business to the next level. To receive the current list of professionals, please email Russ Roberts.

Website Identity Startup Package

Every micro entrepreneur needs a website! Price starts at $600 and includes a template website with five pages, social media setup, e-mail marketing campaign and much more! For more information, email Russ Roberts.