Human Patient Simulation (HPS) Lab

The Human Patient Simulation (HPS) Lab replicates the patient care environment offering students scenario-based clinical practice in a high-tech setting. It gives instructors opportunities to facilitate learning and objectively measure student performance competencies.

Through simulated learning, students:

  • Care for patient situations/conditions with adult, pediatric, infant and child birthing simulators.
  • Assess virtual patients, make clinical judgments and provide interventions.
  • Prioritize, gain evidence-based practice, and perform and integrate skills.
  • Increase confidence and decision-making skills.
  • Learn and safely apply cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills.
  • Develop and improve critical-thinking skills.

Collaborative Learning for Multiple Disciplines

Cross-departmental, collaborative training opportunities share resources and enhance student learning. They also:

  • Improve teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Enhance communication between members of the health care team through realistic experiences.
  • Provide insight into the roles and responsibilities of health care partners.

Specialty Childbirth Simulator

  • Teach the complexities associated with labor and delivery.
  • Help students practice the skills required for assisting in a successful childbirth.

Classroom and Nursing Skills Lab Component

  • Bring case studies to life, reinforcing essential and difficult concepts.
  • Provide hands-on instruction, practice and evaluation.
  • Determine and directs patient-centered outcomes.