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IT for Teens

Middle and high school students can learn more about Python programming and JavaScript in these summer courses. Both courses are held at WCTC's Pewaukee Campus.

Python Programming

Monday-Thursday, June 17-20

8-11:50a.m. | Course Cost: $146.75

The Python Programming course will introduce teens to computer programming using the Python programming language. Python is used at several top universities because it is very straight forward and easy to learn. We will explore problem solving techniques, sequential commands, decisions and loops. The last day of class will be ramping up to creating a video game/visual novel.


Monday-Wednesday, June 17-July 31

12-3:50p.m. | Course Cost: $437.25

This course is an introduction to programming fundamentals using JavaScript. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used for creating dynamic web applications. Fundamentals covered include variables, decisions, functions, events, loops and arrays. Use these fundamentals by applying them to a range of programs that solve personal and business problems with hands-on exercises. Cascading style sheets (CSS), hypertext markup language (HTML) and the document object model (DOM) will also be discussed.

This is a three step process:

  1. Create a student account for your child, if the student doesn't have one.

  2. Complete the permit request form.

  3. After receiving the confirmation of permit email from the Associate Dean, you will need to register for the class. Register online (choose Take a Course).