Student Development

The Student Life area is one of the many functional areas of the Office of Student Development and offers a variety of student activities and leadership opportunities to assist in the personal and professional development of all students. These out-of-the-classroom experiences are an important part of your education and will help with the development of your Critical Life Skills.

Employers recognize the importance of leadership and campus involvement. They will seek out students who do not only exceed academically but who also are involved in professional organizations, community service projects, leisure activities and campus leadership.

Whether you are interested in campus entertainment, educational lecturers, serving on a campus wide committee or representing your student body as a member of the Student Government Association, stop by the Student Life Office to get involved. You'll be glad you did.

Student Government Association

The purpose of Student Government Association is to represent the needs, interests and concerns of all students at WCTC. The SGA is made up of an executive board and a group of student senators representing each School (Applied Technologies, Business, Health and Protective and Human Services) on campus.

WCTC SGA will serve as a coordinating unit for all students for the purpose of:

  • Representing the students' voice in their college government
  • Providing a liaison between the administration, faculty and the students
  • Promoting citizenship and leadership among the students
  • Encouraging improvement of WCTC and its surrounding communities by the students
  • Acquiring and disseminating accurate information to the students
  • Communicating accurate information to the student body concerning the promotion of education within the community
  • Developing social, cultural and recreational activities for the student body
  • Coordinating and funding student organizations and activities

If there are committees within the college that would like to have a student representative member, please contact Jonathan Pedraza at 262.691.5308.

SGA Representatives


Kayla Richmond


Karyn Burrow

Vice-President for Social Activities

Moriah Hill


Manuel Inzunza



School of Applied Technologies


School of Business

Edgar Rodriguez
Leo De Los Santos Trujillo

School of Protective and Human Services


School of Health

Aerial Holt


Jonathan Pedraza - 262.691.5308
Rolando DeLeon - 262.691.5175
Stephanie McWilliams – 262.691.5228


Student Government Association - C-121, 262.691.5388