Student Right to Know

Campus Security and Clery Crime Reporting

WCTC is committed to maintaining a safe campus community free from violence, threats, harassment, intimidation and other disruptive behaviors. While this kind of conduct is not pervasive at WCTC, no organization is completely immune from it.

In cooperation with local, county and state police agencies, WCTC’s Office of Safety, Security and Risk Management, along with the Office of Compliance and Equity, prepares an annual report to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. The report includes crime statistics on property either owned or controlled by the College or public property immediately adjacent to campus.

WCTC’s safety measures include:

  • Closely controlling access to facilities by limited issue of exterior keys, a computerized key control system and electronic keypad access system for after-hours use
  • Using a proactive computerized preventive maintenance program to reduce electromechanical failures on campus, and repairing any reported failures as soon as possible
  • Equipping all campus buildings with card key access and door alarms that report to the police and the director of Facility Services
  • Keeping shrubbery trimmed to improve visibility
  • Conducting periodic lighting surveys, and making lighting improvements such as the addition of high intensity sodium vapor lights in buildings and parking lots
  • Maintaining close relationships with neighboring police departments. Pewaukee Police Officers are the campus security on WCTC’s main campus, and police conduct foot and vehicular patrols from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. weekdays during the academic year.

Helpful Resources

Crime Reporting Procedures

Campus safety depends on the commitment and cooperation of every member of our campus community. It is everyone’s responsibility to report acts of violence, or threats of violence, to the appropriate authorities.

Anyone who commits such acts may be removed from WCTC premises and may be subject to disciplinary action, as well as civil and/or criminal penalties. Students will be disciplined according to the rules outlined in the WCTC Student Code of Conduct.

Emergency Situations

If you believe that the perpetrator presents an immediate danger of physical harm to his/herself or others, you should:

  • Call the police department (dial 911, if necessary)
  • Do not attempt to control a violent individual
  • Notify a supervisor, instructor or other College official
  • Seek safety by leaving the area

Non-Emergency Situations

If you notice someone who is not violent and who poses no immediate danger of physical harm, but who is acting in a threatening, hostile or aggressive manner, you should:

  • Notify your appropriate supervisor, instructor or other College official
  • Keep distance between yourself and the perpetrator
  • Identify an escape route
  • Be ready to summon the police if the situation escalates to an emergency situation

In situations of non-imminent danger, use the online report. Otherwise, contact Campus Safety at 262.691.5582 or email