Emergency Preparedness | Waukesha County Technical College

Emergency Preparedness

Safety and security is paramount at WCTC, and the College uses a mass notification system to better communicate with students and staff during a campus emergency. We use the following tools during emergencies:

  • WCTC Alerts: The text messaging system provides staff and students with emergency information alerts and updates. We send messages to WCTC email addresses and registered mobile phones via text message. Please sign up for this service by selecting the WCTC Alerts icon on the myWCTC student portal. 
  • Alertus Beacon®: These beacons sound, flash and display an emergency text message when necessary.
  • Internal and External Speakers: Speakers inside buildings throughout campus broadcast the message displayed on the Alert Beacon; speakers outside campus buildings also broadcast emergency information.
  • Desktop Override: College computers in offices, labs and classrooms that are active and logged into the network receive full-screen pop-up alerts.
  • Hallway Monitors: College wall monitors display full-screen messages. 
  • Alertus EmergencyPanic Buttons: You can use these buttons — located beneath the beacons in all College buildings — to call for help. If you activate a “Panic button, please also CALL 911 and provide details of the emergency to the dispatcher.

Evacuation Maps and Emergency Procedures

WCTC requires emergency evacuation in the event of fire, chemical spill or bomb threat. Upon hearing and seeing the alarm, you should immediately evacuate the building and proceed to the designated parking lot location for your building. Do not use elevators or walk through other buildings to get to the designated area.

We have posted evacuation maps and emergency procedures in classrooms and offices throughout campus. These postings identify exit routes, severe weather shelters and designated evacuation staging areas, as well as recommended steps for specific emergencies.

Alert IconFor additional details, please review the WCTC Emergency Procedures document by clicking this icon within MyWCTC

Severe Weather

When the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for Waukesha County, the College activates the Severe Weather Policy. At this time, you should immediately proceed to a designated shelter area. Shelter areas are identified on the campus evacuation maps posted in classrooms and offices. 

Violence on Campus

We all must be vigilant to the risk of violence on campus. Be aware of your surroundings and any possible dangers. If you observe or hear of the behaviors listed below, contact Campus Police at 262.691.5582 or call 911.

  • Unusually aggressive, odd or scary behavior by students or staff
  • Threats of violence or retribution, either serious or said jokingly
  • Someone who is distraught or suicidal
  • Overheard comments or rumors of planned violence
  • Presence of gangs or cults that have a history of violence
  • Fights or other acts of violence on campus
  • Presence of guns, other weapons or suspicious