Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources | Waukesha County Technical College

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources

WCTC prohibits unlawful manufacture, distribution or possession of illicit drugs, or use or abuse of alcohol on any WCTC campus, or as a part of any WCTC activity. Exceptions to this alcohol policy are decided on an individual basis and must have written approval from the College president.

Anyone who violates this policy is subject to WCTC’s sanctions and criminal sanctions. Without exception, alcoholic consumption is governed by Wisconsin statutory age restrictions. Laws prohibit drug possession and mandate penalties up to 15 years of prison and fines.

At the same time, WCTC has a Safe Harbor rule and believes that students who have a drug and/or addiction problem deserve help. If you bring your own use, addiction or dependency to the attention of WCTC officials outside the threat of drug tests or sanctions and you seek assistance, WCTC will not pursue a conduct complaint. We may use a written action plan to track your cooperation with the Safe Harbor program, and failure to follow the action plan will nullify the Safe Harbor protection and lead to campus conduct proceedings.

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug dependence, please make an appointment with WCTC’s Counseling Services.