Direct Digital Access Program

WCTC offers an all-inclusive Direct Digital Access (DDA) program for more than 25 percent of courses that require textbooks. Through this program, e-books and access codes are integrated into Canvas, and materials are available on the first day of class. Students save on average 50 percent (up to 90 percent in some cases!), and the cost is included in the course fees. Optional, low-cost print versions are also available for most DDA courses.

General Education Courses

Several WCTC programs are taking their DDA programs a step further to include textbooks for certain general education courses. These include Criminal Justice Studies, Health Information Technology and Medical Coding Specialist.

Students in these programs do not need to purchase books for the general education courses listed below (subject to change):

Criminal Justice Studies

  • 809-199 Psychology of Human Relations
  • 809-197 Contemporary American Society

Health Information Technology

  • 501-107 Digital Literacy
  • 809-199 Psychology of Human Relations

Medical Coding Specialist

  • 501-107 Digital Literacy

This list is subject to change. If you are enrolled in any of these courses within one of the three programs listed, you will be able to access your textbook through your DDA program at no additional cost.