Tuition Amounts and Refund Policies

Wisconsin Residents

  • $134.20 per credit
  • A minimum of $4.50 material fee per course
  • $8.05 per credit activity fee for courses held at the Pewaukee campus
  • A $10 per credit (minimum of $10) online course fee will be assessed

Out-of-State Residents

  • $201.30 per credit
  • A minimum of $4.50 material fee per course
  • $8.05 per credit activity fee for courses held at the Pewaukee campus
  • A $10 per credit (minimum of $10) online course fee will be assessed
  • No activity fee for distance learning courses
  • Minnesota residents are exempt from out-of-state fees due to reciprocity agreement with Wisconsin
  • Call 262.691.5283 for information on out-of-state fees

General Tuition Information

Students enrolled in credit classes will be automatically enrolled in and billed $6.00/semester for WCTC's Mandatory Accident-Only Insurance Plan. Online students and high school students enrolled in dual credit courses are not eligible.

Tuition and fees will be due as follows, unless a payment arrangement has been made:

  • Fall semester fees: Due Aug. 15 or 15 days from date of registration (whichever is later)
  • Spring semester fees: Due Jan. 15 or 15 days from date of registration (whichever is later)
  • Summer semester fees: Due 15 days from date of registration

Students with unpaid balances will receive a monthly statement through the Student Account Center. Email notifications will be sent once the statement is available. Past due accounts are subject to possible late fees, account holds and further collection activity.

Agency-sponsored Students

WCTC works with agencies that intend to pay a student's expenses. The sponsoring agency must submit a written agreement to the billing department ( indicating which expenses will be paid. After a student is enrolled at WCTC, the college will bill the sponsoring agency for approved expenses. For additional information regarding agency-sponsored students, contact Stephanie Berke (262) 691-5405.

Refund Policy

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees. Official drops must be done before the start date of the course or during the refund period to qualify for a refund or credit.

Important Refund Information

  • Students who are dropped by their instructor for non-attendance must contact Registration for a refund within the refund period.
  • Students who do not contact Registration during the refund period will be responsible for the payment of the tuition and fees.
  • WCTC will issue refunds for courses that are canceled by the college.
  • Refunds of credit balances are processed by check unless a payment profile is set up and the student elects to have electronic refunds processed through Student Account Center (login to My WCTC and click on My Account).
  • Refunds less than $10 are processed at the end of the term.
  • There is a $3 processing fee for refunds.
  • The college admissions application fee is non-refundable.

Refund Schedule

Refunds are processed according to the Wisconsin Technical College System refund policy. The refund amount is based on the date of official drop, course start date and course duration.

Refunds are based on a course's total potential hours of instruction completed. Potential hours are calculated at 12 a.m. for the current day.

% of hrs completed Refund
Through 11:59 p.m. the day prior to the class start date. 100%
Prior to 11% of the total course meetings 80%
From 11% through 20% of the total course meetings 60%
More than 20% of course meetings. Dropping a degree course during this time will result in a "W" (withdrawn) on the student's record.

A student may drop a credit course up to the 80% completion date of the total course meetings. After that date, a student will receive a grade equivalent to what was earned for the course. See Withdrawal Policy.

A student who drops one course and adds another during the 80 percent refund period shall receive 100 percent credit for the tuition and fees of the dropped course IF the add and drop are done at the same time. This needs to be handled in person or by phone with the Registration office.

Tuition Refund Appeals

Tuition appeals are considered on rare occasions for legitimate extenuating circumstances – situations beyond a student's control. These may include serious illness or hospitalization of the student or student's immediate family, death of an immediate family member, military activation or deployment. A tuition refund appeal is granted at the discretion of the college.

Consideration of an exception requires the student to complete and submit a Tuition Appeal form, along with official supporting documentation, for review no later than two weeks prior to the course or semester end date. For more information, please call 262.691.5283 or email Student Billing.

Payment Options

Payment can be made one of three ways: via online registration, in person or by phone.

Web Registration

  • MasterCard, Discover, VISA or electronic transfer from checking or savings account through Student Account Center (login to the Portal and click on My Account) are acceptable forms of payment.

Operator-assisted Registration

  • MasterCard, Discover or VISA are acceptable forms of payment.

Walk-in Registration

  • MasterCard, Discover, VISA, cash or check are acceptable forms of payment.