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There are many state and federal grants available that can help reduce the cost of your education. Grants are funds that do not need to be repaid. Explore some popular grants below to find out if you're eligible.

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Our friendly Financial Aid Advisors are here to help you throughout the entire financial aid process. They provide comprehensive, one-on-one support to help you complete your financial aid steps and help you pay for college.

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Federal Pell Grants >

These need-based grants are awarded to students pursuing their first post-secondary degree. The U.S. Department of Education determines student eligibility and award amount.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) >

This limited grant program is available to students with high financial need. WCTC, within federal guidelines, determines the award amount.

Wisconsin Grant >

This program provides need-based grant assistance to in-state undergraduates enrolled at least half time in degree programs at Wisconsin colleges and Tribal institutions. Eligibility cannot exceed 10 semesters.

Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarships >

These scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who have demonstrated the highest level of proficiency in technical education subjects in each Wisconsin high school. The scholarship provides up to $2,250 toward tuition per year, for six semesters.

Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarships >

These scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who have the highest GPA in each Wisconsin high school. Students are nominated by their high school and must be enrolled on a full-time basis. This scholarship provides up to $2,250 toward tuition per year.

Wisconsin Talent Incentive Program (TIP) >

The TIP Grant provides assistance to financially needy and educationally disadvantaged Wisconsin students attending Wisconsin colleges and universities. Wisconsin Educational Opportunity Programs (WEOP) counselors nominate first-time freshmen for this grant. Contact your high school counselor, WCTC’s Financial Aid department or your regional WEOP coordinator for more information.

Wisconsin Minority Retention Grant >

These need-based awards are provided to Wisconsin resident minority undergraduates enrolled at least half time in their second year or a two-year academic program. According to Wisconsin statutes, a minority student is defined as a student who is an African American; American Indian; Hispanic; or Southeast Asian from Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam admitted to the U.S. after Dec. 31, 1975. To be considered, contact the WCTC Financial Aid department.

Wisconsin Tribal/Indian Grants >

Wisconsin residents who are at least 25 percent Native American and are undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a degree program may apply for these grants. Awards are based on financial need with a limit of 10 semesters of eligibility. The Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board (HEAB) has an informal matching arrangement with grant funds awarded by the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs and Wisconsin Tribal governments.

Wisconsin Hearing and Visually Handicapped Student Grants >

These need-based grants are awarded to Wisconsin undergraduates who have a severe hearing or visual impairment. Find the application at the HEAB website.