WCTC Students

Credit for Industry Credentials

Earn Credit for Your Credentials

Industry credentials recognize a set of skills valued by a specific industry. If you hold current, verifiable industry licensure or certification, you may be eligible to receive credit at WCTC at no cost to you.

Explore the steps below, then submit an inquiry form to get started.


Review Credentials

Review the list of industry credentials in the form below to see if yours is listed. If it is, complete and submit the inquiry form.


Check Your Email

Check your WCTC email address for instructions. You will be asked to supply a copy of your valid industry credential.


Receive WX Credit

If eligible, you will receive Work Experience ("WX") credit on your WCTC transcript.

Industry Credential Inquiry Form

Enter your nine-digit WCTC ID number.
Enter your WCTC student email address.
Please provide your primary phone number.
Choose a credential from the list above. WCTC staff will contact you to explore the WCTC credit you may be eligible to receive.
If your industry credential is not listed above, but you would like to have it considered for WCTC credit, please provide the full, official name of your credential here.