Program Application Fee Waiver Request

This form is intended for current applicants. If you have not yet applied to a WCTC program, apply online.

To be considered for a waiver of the $30 program application fee due to economic need, complete and submit the form below:

If you already have a 9-digit WCTC student ID number, enter it here.
Start Term
Choose the semester you plan to start your program.
Enter the year you plan to begin your program.
Applicants must meet one or more of the following indicators of economic need. Check all that apply:*

2023-2024 Income Eligibility Guidelines

Set by USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Number in Family Total Income Before Taxes
1 $26,973
2 $36,482
3 $45,991
4 $55,500
5 $65,009
6 $74,518
More than 6 Plus $8,732 for each additional family member
Certification Statement*
The fee waiver is not valid for a refund of a previously submitted application fee nor is it valid on shared/collaborative program application fees. This request is valid for two years and only if it is properly completed and submitted by the student.