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Wisconsin State Crime Lab Crime Scene Processing School


October 23-27, 2023








The Crime Scene Processing (CSP) course covers the detection, documentation, preservation, collection, and preparation for the submission of physical evidence to the State Crime Laboratories for Law Enforcement throughout the state. Crime Laboratory instructors will also provide lectures and hands-on training in aspects of photography, fingerprints, footwear, firearms/tool marks, trace evidence, and DNA. 

Any full-time employee (sworn or not) of a local, county, state, or tribal law enforcement agency within the State of Wisconsin whose duties include or will include the processing and/or handling of crime scene evidence is eligible to apply. The Crime Laboratory accepts all applications for attendance, however, not all applicants will be offered a seat in the class.  Notification of status in the course will be sent the week of 10/2/23.

As part of the registration process a letter of recommendation from a high-ranking officer within your agency is required.  Please submit this to lkumbier@wctc.edu before 9/22/23.


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