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First Line Leadership - FBI LEEDA


February 27 - March 2, 2023


8:00am - 4:00pm






The FBI-LEEDA is pleased to announce a new course geared specifically for employees that do not yet hold rank - First Line Leadership. This course was developed to serve emerging leaders, informal leaders in your organization, and first-line employees who seek to better understand leadership principles.

Among the topics to be discussed in this interactive class are:

  • Trilingual Communication (public, peers and our supervisors)
  • Our responsibility to our respective organizations
  • Importance of maintaining a balanced life
  • The FTO role as a leader
  • DISC, a personality assessment
  • Dealing with our leaders

This class will discuss contemporary topics important to line level leaders and includes issues facing our profession today.  First Line Leadership will be four days of intense and interactive learning using FBI-LEEDA's cops-talking-to-cops model.

This class is not open to formal supervisors with rank to include corporal, sergeant or above. 

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