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School of Police Staff and Command


January 17 - March 31, 2023


8:30am - 4:300pm






SPSC is an intensive police management and leadership program that helps prepare mid- and upper-level personnel for senior command positions. SPSC combines academic principles with practical applications and focuses on a range of critical leadership and management areas, including planning and policies, media relations, organizational behavior, budgeting and resource allocation, human resources, contemporary policing, and more. Expert instructors not only teach the important topics, concepts, and strategies necessary for leadership and managerial success — but also discuss how to effectively implement these strategies, apply the concepts, and lead situations where the problems are real and agency performance outcomes are critical.


Participants should have at least two years of supervisory experience and have completed the Supervision of Police Personnel. 

This course will be held for five consecutive weeks, then a one week break, followed by the final five weeks.  The week break will be the week of February 20.

All students are required to bring a laptop (fully charged) with internet capability and charging cord.

Please see the attached brochure for more course details.

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