Caregiver Background Check

Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) is compliant with the Wisconsin Statutes Caregiver Law, as interpreted under Administrative Rules chapter DHS 12. Agreements with cooperating facilities obligate WCTC to obtain Caregiver Criminal Background Check documents for students in all programs requiring that information and to notify the respective agency of the findings.

WCTC requires a Caregiver Background Check for all health students. All students must be thorough in their responses to all items on the Background Information Disclosure (BID) form. If the student indicates "no" and there are pending or convicted crimes on the background check results, admission to a clinical or field placement may be denied or delayed. The student is responsible for accuracy. It is in your best interest to reveal everything; any discrepancies between your responses and the background check results will likely effect your clinical or field placement.

The following are examples, but not limited to, convictions that may prevent you from obtaining a clinical site:

WCTC will not deny admission to any School of Health program based upon the result of the criminal background check. Denial of placement is in the sole discretion of the clinical or field placement site. Should the clinical site deny placement, the student may be unable to complete all course requirements necessary for graduation.