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The Servant Officer


October 18-20, 2022


8:00am - 4:30pm






Since 9.11.2001, the police have gone from heroes to villains. Many police leaders are left wondering what to do next and frankly are paralyzed. Some have chosen to ignore the problem while others know there needs to be change but are not sure what to do, while facing a rank and file who feel paralyzed in performing the basics of the job. Recruitment and retention issues are leaving communities without the protection they deserve and departments without the staffing they need. A "Cultural Mindshift" has occurred within our communities and must also occur within law enforcement.  Despite the rules of law enforcement changing, the purpose has not. Creating the modern officer means creating the Servant Officer; one who has the mindset of a warrior and the heart of a servant.

This is more than a class.  It is a new way of policing.  It will transform your officers and your organization.

This course is taught by best-selling author of Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line, Dean Crisp.

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