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Truth 2 Lies: Statement Profiling-CANCELLED


October 6-8, 2021


8:00am - 4:30pm






This course will give you the tools to get to the Truth quicker. You will be able to laser focus your investigations, and come to a quicker case resolve. You will recognize information in the words people use that you have previously been missing!  Using the subject’s own words, you will be able to laser focus your interview questions, obtain more information, and more confessions.

Most deceptive statements contain a high percentage of truth. Statement Analysis is a highly reliable method to determine truth from deception in both verbal and written statements.

Students will be taught how to obtain a “pure,” uncontaminated statement.  These skills can be used in all types of investigations:

Abuse, Arson, Cold Cases, Domestic Violence, Employee Theft, Fraud, Hiring – Applicant Vetting, Homicide, Robbery & Theft, Sex Crimes, and More…

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